Foaming at the…Sink

I mean, I don’t like to brag. But to do justice to this post I should tell you right off the bat that I kind of rock at baby shower games. I like to think of them more as…competitions. Fierce competitions. Do or die fights to the death. Okay, maybe not DEATH. After all, the purpose of the baby shower to celebrate the beginning of life. On the other hand, that would provide a nice symmetry to the event…nah. Probably better back it up a step or two.

I especially like the game where someone brings out a tray with tons of baby items on it and you have to look at them really quickly and remember them. YES! The mnemonic device I so carefully honed in Mr. Turnbull’s Bible class comes to the rescue again! If you saw me stare at that tray, you’d think I was trying to bore a hole into it with my eyes. Word to the wise, if you see that look in my eyes, don’t try to make small talk with me. I know as a girl that I should be up for that, but I have my eye on the prize. Literally.

One of the last showers I went to I won one of the shower game prizes: a bottle of Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap. To be fair, this win was kind of a fluke. I got the prize because my friend picked my children’s book as her favorite. Still, I’m marking this in the “victory” column. Wouldn’t you??

But, back to the point. This soap ROCKS MY FACE OFF! Yes, that’s a good thing (I don’t know why people always ask that). First of all, I live in the dryest state on the earth, Colorado. Every winter, my hands decide to become flaky, cracked versions of their true selves. And given the fact that I’m a voracious handwasher, I suffer those consequences.

However, with this soap, I barely feel those effects. Plus, unlike liquid soaps that drip extra soap down the side of the bottle, the foam stays where it should. It’s kind of like washing your hands with a cloud. Or cotton candy. Except…clean.

But, I discovered the true best part of this soap just this week. You know at the end of a normal liquid soap when the soap gets too low to reach the little straw suction-y think inside? That’s when I usually add water and shake it up, resulting in a more liquid-y version of the previous soap. That’s fine,  I feel frugal and all of that. The problem is that the more liquid soap tends to squirt out at random angles and much quicker than it’s predecessor. The foam soap, though, eeks out EVERY BIT at the bottom until it’s really empty empty. Love. It. To. Pieces. And what kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t tell you about it?? That’s what I thought. It’s really the little things, isn’t it? Thank goodness for those.


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