If you haven’t heard all the chatter around Tim Tebow lately, then you probably:

A. Don’t care about football

B. Don’t know someone who cares about football

C. Are not living in the U.S.

D. Are not a Christian (just kidding! :))

He’s a pretty big topic in the media these days. Maybe I have a skewed perspective since I’m living in Denver Bronco country, but I kind of doubt it. Mania seems to follow wherever Tebow goes…

A little background for those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about:

Doctors expected Timothy Tebow to be stillborn. Because of complications during his mother’s pregnancy, her doctors recommended an abortion to protect her life. But Pamela Tebow refused and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Tim grew up as a missionary kid in the Philippines, homeschooled with his four older siblings. After his family moved to Florida, a law was passed to allow homeschooled kids to play sports at their local district school and that’s when Tim started playing football.

Fastforward to 2007 when Tim was named the starting quarterback for the Florida Gators. That year, he was awarded the Heisman Trophy (aka a big deal in college football) and was the first underclassman to ever to win it. He was known for putting a Bible reference in his under-eye paint (you know, the kind that football players wear to reduce the glare of the sun/lights in the stadium?). He earned some rabid fans in Florida and due to media surrounding many of his stands for Christ, became a celebrity in Christian circles, too.

In 2009, he made the news by partnering with Focus on the Family to do a pro-life ad during Super Bowl XLIV featuring him and his mom. Boy, did the secular media folks hate that. But, as you can imagine, he has a strong view on the subject being that he wouldn’t be alive without his mom’s firm stance against abortion.

When he graduated college and was eligible for the NFL draft, many football experts said that he would not play as a quarterback in the National Football League because of some differences between college and professional football (part of it had to do with his release when he threw the ball). Nevertheless, Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos chose him in the first round of the draft (25th overall pick) inciting quite a bit of conversation in Denver, and in the football sphere at large, about Coach McDaniel’s sanity (Tim was expected to be drafted in the 3rd or 4th round). That year, Tim Tebow jerseys were the top selling in all the NFL.

Since then, Tim has played here and there as sometime 2nd string, sometimes 3rd string QB. This year, though, marks his first year of being the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, mostly because of starting QB Kyle Orton’s underperformance…possibly also because fans worked themselves into a dither and some even scraped together enough money to put up a billboard urging the Broncos’ new coach, John Fox, and GM John Elway to bench Kyle Orton and play Tebow. (True story)

There’s a rather vocal majority, you see, that really love Tim Tebow.

Since he was named starting quarterback–3 games ago, to be exact–he’s been in the news a lot:

Game 1 was against the Miami Dolphins. He came back and led the team to victory in an exciting 4th quarter rally.

*After this game, a picture was taken of Tim kneeling in prayer while several of his teammates celebrated the win. By Tuesday of the following week a fan dubbed it “Tebowing” and posted the picture, started a Tumblr page and a website dedicated to having people post their own similar pictures. The first day, the site got 783 hits. By Wednesday, they had 9,000 unique visitors and it grew from there. (More information here.)

Game 2 was against the Detroit Lions. They basically creamed the Broncos and Tim didn’t play well. This, as you can imagine, gave commentators the “I told you so!” high ground for the news cycles leading up to Game 3. It was annoying, to be honest.

Game 3 was against the Oakland Raiders. In Oakland. If you don’t know anything about these two teams, you should know that they are bitter rivals. And the Raiders have won the last several games. Tim played a solid game and led the Broncos to a 38-24 victory. This game is also known as THE. MOST. AWESOME. GAME. EVER. in my book.

My Thoughts on the Hulabaloo

  • I had never heard of Tim Tebow before the Broncos drafted him. But, having friends that hailed from Florida, I heard a lot about him after that. Watching ESPN’s “Tim Tebow: Everything In Between” gave me more insight into his story. He’s just a good guy. Hard worker. Passionate about football. Strong believer that stands up for what’s right. I can get behind all of that. PLUS, he’s a really exciting football player.
  • I think that some of these Bronco fans are a little crazy. I do not believe that Tim Tebow is a magic potion that will cure all of our team’s problems. That said,  Tim has a ton of raw talent and has proven himself to be a tough competitor, so he deserves some training and time to really develop into the best QB he can be. This is not an ideal circumstance since the NFL lock-out this summer kept him from the one-on-one coaching he needed and the team, frankly, is in a rebuilding season that the fans have not fully embraced. But, it seems like he’s taking up the challenge and doing his best to grow as quickly as the Broncos need him to.
  • I added Tim to my prayer list 3 games ago. I don’t pray that Tim would win games (though as a Bronco fan, that’s always a plus!). That’s not the point. I don’t think if the Broncos win, it’s because God cares more about them than any other football team comprised of lost souls. I pray for him because he’s a very visible representation of Christianity to a lot of people. He takes it seriously and uses as many opportunities as possible to proclaim the name of Christ. And in that position, it’s so easy to fall. So, I pray that God would strengthen his faith and keep him humble in the face of overwhelming opposition and difficulty.
  • Did I mention that this week’s game against the Raiders was the BEST? It was exciting to be a fan of a team that was winning! I mean, I’m a fan either way, but MAN. It’s much more fun to watch when the Broncos are winning. I screamed and jumped up and down so much that my roommates came down to make sure I was okay. And I got some good use out of my Terrell Davis jersey of yore. 🙂

So, there you have it, probably more than you ever wanted to know (sorry, Katie and Stef!) but I swear! I condensed it a LOT. Just take a quick gander at the Wikipedia page if you doubt me…

A few Tim Tebow jokes for your amusement: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ycn-10380459

Anything I missed? You agree or disagree? LMK in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Tebow-Mania

  1. Dad says:

    M…one of your best posts EVER! That means for the entire history of amyscoloradoadventures…and that’s sayin’ somthin’…since you have a LOT of awesome posts!

    I learned stuff I didn’t know! I also learned that if you’re reading your blog from an iPhone and you clicked on the “True Story” link that takes you to the Denver Post…the Post requires that you download their app. They are just praying on those of us who love amyscoloradoadventures! No pun intented! 🙂


  2. Katie Ganshert says:

    LOL! My husband LOVES Tim Tebow. I love the way you’re praying for him. Because you are so right. He’s in a HUGE spotlight and the world is most likely watching and waiting for him to mess up so they can dismiss Christianity.

  3. Susan says:

    I was introduced to Tebow when he was still on the Gators. Unfortunately, we’re Bulldog fans, so him doing well wasn’t so good for us. We were pretty excited to hear he had been drafted as a QB, but have yet to see him play in a game (we don’t have TV, so we pretty much only get to watch SNF via the interwebz). However, I must protest those Tim Tebow jokes – they are just too much of a rip-off on Chuck Norris jokes (who also, btw, is a devoted Christian). That’s my 2cents.

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