Latest and Greatest…at least according to me :)

Everyone loves awesome stuff. You find me a person that says “Awesome stuff? Eh. I reject it on principle just because I loathe things that are awesome” and I’ll punch myself in the face.Probably not very hard, of course, because I’d have to explain why I have a bruised face to everyone I know and it’s be a major drag to have to pay to fix a broken nose or something. But still. I think I’ve made my point.

Using this foolproof premise, therefore, I shall enlighten you on some pretty amazing little items that have recently entered my world.


I started seeing several friends post about this in their Facebook profiles and made a mental note to check it out. But, like so many of my stuck and re-stuck post-it notes, my mental note feel somewhere on the floor inside my head never to be found again. Until, my friend Leslie mentioned it to me in conversation. That day, I went and checked it out and a recipe for Brown Sugar Cookies caught my eye. I made them with a friend, brought them into work, and–to make a long story short–they were a party in my mouth.

I was sold. But I still didn’t quite get what the site was all about. But now that I understand, I’m going to pass along this knowledge to you.

You’re welcome.*

What it is: It’s a social networking site designed to host digital “bulletin boards” and share items you “pin” with friends…and absolute strangers, too, now that I’m thinking about it. Think of it as Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy all combined. With a twist.

What you do: After you are all signed up/registered, Pinterest will show you how to install a “Pin It” shortcut on your internet Favorites menu (it’s really easy). Then, you’ll create different “boards” on your profile page. For instance, I have ones for:

Then, when you’re checking blogs, or your favorite store’s website, or your friend sends you a link of something they think you’d like, you just go up to that favorites shortcut and click on “pin it”. Then you’ll be able to choose which of your boards to pin it to. You’ll also be able to put a caption beneath the item like “Great gift idea for Meg!” or “Try this recipe but use cream cheese frosting instead of butter cream”, etc. Lots of my friends are using Pinterest to host their ideas for their weddings.

All the things you pin will show up in your friends’ feeds and all the things they pin will show up in your feed. That way you can “repin” an item from someone else onto your board, comment on another person’s pin, or just click “like” if you enjoy what they’ve posted and want to show your appreciation for it without overly extending yourself. 🙂

Why it will change your life: It’s really fun to get ideas and host them all in one place. The site spurs my creativity (I’ve never baked more!), makes me laugh (people are funny!), and also makes my mental notes less necessary (a win-win for everyone!). Plus, it’s an elephant’s ton worth of fun. Trust me.

How to sign up: Go to and “request an invitation”. It seems exclusive, but I got my invitation less than a half an hour after requesting it. When they email you with your invitation, there’s a huge long email that they send with instructions and suggestions on what you should pin. It kind of seems like they are going to require you to give up life, limb, and your first child. Just ignore that feeling. It will pass and then you’ll be in!

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to find Facebook or Twitter friends that are using Pinterest. Pinterest will also recommend some people to follow.

So there you have it. And if you’ve received an email from me recently with a link to something random-yet-fun, mystery solved!

2. Cupcake Corer

Okay, so I actually haven’t used this yet. But I cannot fathom that there could be anything bad coming out of a combination of cupcakes + frosting +filling. Unless, you decided to use bacon in some way. I just do NOT get this trend. I honestly think it’s only a matter of time before bakeries around the country start selling “cupcake holes”. Hey! It worked for donuts.

3. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Oh, this book! This book! So gorgeously written, the character is so flawed but loveable (at several points, I wanted to be able to talk to her/shake some sense into her), and the use of the Victorian language of flowers to tell the story? Brilliant.

In a nutshell:

Victoria has spent her whole life in the foster care system. Over the years she’s had her share of horrid placements and has hardened herself to be able to survive in this life. The book shifts between two time periods:

1. Current day when Victoria turns 18 and is sent out to make her way in the world.

2. The only foster placement that felt like home. And the place she learned the Victorian language of flowers.

The story explores how to love, when you’ve never really been loved yourself.

Watch the video here:

Disclaimer: This is a secular book, so might contain a few more “gritty” elements.

4. The Help (The Movie)

I was really wary and curious about how the movie would turn out. I started reading The Help last Christmas while waiting for my parents and sister to finish up their shopping elsewhere. I read twenty pages in B&N and then had to buy the book. The book was so gripping and the story so brilliantly told that I wasn’t sure if I would like the movie. The book IS always better, after all.

But the movie is incredibly moving, well cast/acted, and poignant. I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I basically cried through the last half of the movie and emerged from the theater looking like a hot mess. Then I got to my car and teared up again. Then I read an Entertainment Weekly article about it and tears started to form again! Now, you could think I’m just a sap. But I happen to know that I’m not the only one.

The book is still better and if you’ve only watched the movie, you’re missing out. But. The movie is pretty phenomenal in its own right.

Now, don’t you feel all awash in awesomeness? I thought so. 🙂

*I enjoy Starbucks gift cards.


4 thoughts on “Latest and Greatest…at least according to me :)

  1. Brooke says:

    I am really very busy, I’ll have you know…so I make it a point to only read one blog and only the ones about AI. However, anything that starts out with “show me a person that (fill in the blank)” and ends with “I’ll punch myself in the face” sucks me in. And I must say that although I will have to pray that I will forget all about Pinterest before I ever remember to log on because as I said before I am really very busy–it does sound AWESOME and I am sure that I would be sucked into its vortex never to return to all the AWFUL packing. And I am glad to see you comment about The Help because ever since you brought it up a few months ago I have been meaning to check it out at the library…and I now remember why I love your blog SO much–because you too are AWESOME!!!!! And you make me laugh.

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