A few post finale things…

Just a few tidbits that I thought you people might be interested in.

1. Lee DeWyze vs. Nigel Lythgoe on Lee’s lack of involvment in the finale

For the record, I’m on Lee’s side. But you probably guessed that, right?)

2. Scotty’s Exit Interview

He’s on top of the world right now. Now, where was that Carpenter’s song in the competition?!? And why haven’t they done a Carpenter’s night yet? Doncha think that’d be good? I’m telling you, these people really should put me on their payroll.

3. Lauren’s Exit Interview

Someone needs to learn to stay out of someone else’s bubble…that camera was so close to her face!

4. Pia, Haley, and Casey dish on their plans for the future.

After I see them on tour, of course. I’m a little disappointed not to know more about Casey, but maybe that’ll come after the tour? A girl can hope.

Happy Friday! 🙂


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