And the finalists are…

Well, it seems that the American Idol powers that be have heeded my request for continued efficiency in the trailer/recap department and given it (as Tim Allen would say) more power! The new and improved intro included NOT ONLY a trailer, but ALSO a recap of the previous nights events AND incorporated a one Mr. Jimmy Iovine’s thoughts on the remaining performers…all in one bite-size package. Mmm. That sounds like a snack.

Now, usually Ryan just announces the number of votes with aplomb and enthusiasm as if he was overwhelmed by the support “America” gave in this highly important arena. But last night, they really took it up  notch…as usually happens whenever you get the graphics department involved. Fireworks surrounded the “95 million Votes!” proclamation on the screen (behind which lies in wait the Staircase of Stardom). We’re really getting fancy here, aren’t we?

Top 4’s “Mission” (aka a promo for J.J. Abram’s new move “Super 8”)

Boy, was it good to see James again. I miss him and his crazy pyrotechnics.

The stars were able to meet J.J. Abrams, who did his best to convince us that he was just a regular Joe. His family loves American Idol! He just happened to be working on a movie and was in desperate need of feedback! He was just a small-town boy who used to shoot movies using super 8 cameras! Wait. Who does that? 

And he graciously introduced the Idols to his production company “Bad Robot”, but any self-respecting Alias/Lost fan already knows what that is. It’s the thing that you see right before you press a button to go on to the next episode as fast as humanly possible.

Hold up. Kyle Chandler is in this movie??? Mr. Early Edition? Coach Taylor? Well way to bury the lead, J.J. I’m in!

In which the hand-held camera people earn their paycheck

The Top 11 were out in full force tonight, gamely putting smiles on their faces and waving congenially to the camera. And speaking of the Top 11…I have big news.

I AM GOING TO SEE THE TOP 11 ON TOUR! Yes! Me! It just so happened that I was able to force plan a visit to see my BFF Sarah (which was already in the works before this happened. ’cause I like her WAY more than American Idol) at the EXACT time when the tour would be rolling near her home. How’s that for putting my money where my mouth is?

And when Jacob Lusk is wailing and weirding me out with his awkward mouth movements, I’ll still be with the bestest friend in the whole world, so it’ll be okay! I’m super excited. Super EIGHT excited. And you better believe I’ll be blogging about it.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about the giggly ways of Elle Fanning (star of Super 8). You might know her as Dakota Fanning’s sister. Scotty looked pleased as punch to be Elle Fanning’s 6-year old cousin’s pick to win it all. But Elle? Sweetie? It’s not really a big deal to know their names. That’s really pretty basic. Although I suppose it’s somewhat of a feat for a six-year-old. Not my niece, because she’s brilliant and she’s only 2. But for some kids.

CAUTION: Hometown visits always leave me blubbering like an idiot. I’m guessing that won’t affect my writing as much as it affects my make-up. But still. You’ve been fairly warned.

Haley’s Hometown Visit

Wheeling, IL

It was fun to watch Haley’s eyes grow huge when she realized that the stretch SUV limo was hers to ride around in. She probably thought American Idol was one of the shows that was going “green”. NAH!

I know it’s cheesy, but I thought it was hilarious that Aaron-the-Security-Guy made an appearance on her hometown visit. I thought it was LESS funny when they brought him on stage to fake cry. I’m just sayin’.

My favorite quote? “Thank you for freaking out.” – Haley to a fan with pink hair that was beside herself to be in Haley’s presence.

And Haley achieved what I can only assume was her life goal: having a group of guys write her name on their chests. Now if that isn’t a sign of success, I don’t know what is.

Ford Music Video


Il Volo Performs “O Sole Mia”

We already have someone who sings this music. His name is Josh Groban. Sure, there’s only one of him. But he’s awesome. And I heart him. Forever.

I can’t deny that these guys have MAJOR vocal talent on their side. It’s impressive, really. But all I could think through their performance was that these guys are like the 4 Tenors meets the Jonas brothers. Right? Right.

Scotty’s Hometown Visit

Garner, NC

Scotty approached his hometown visit with his signature humor, easy-going “enjoy the ride” nature, gratefulness and humility. He seemed genuinely taken aback by the fervor of his supporters. And with that came the most heartbreaking shows of emotion ever! Or at least that’s what I told myself as my tears took a turn towards the “ugly cry”.

The impromptu duet with Josh Turner was something I’ve been hearing about (apparently, it was posted on YouTube before the show), and it was fun to watch it in person. What a good sport that Josh Turner is. Apparently, in this post, I like everyone named Josh.

My favorite quote? “I’ve only lived about 17 years so far. But this might just be the best day of my life.” – Scotty

Nicole Sherzinger (with 50 Cent)

I gave her 30 seconds and that was 30 seconds too many.

Lauren’s Hometown Visit

I thought I was going to make it through Lauren’s video account of her time at home with nary a tear. And let’s be honest, I needed the break. But then we hit the point in the visit where Lauren saw for the first time the wreckage of the storms that hit the south while she was away. The look of desolation and shock on Lauren’s face was too authentic to be faked.

My favorite quote? “I’m proud to be from Georgia just like you.” – to the 11-year-old boy who saved his family

Final Results

Oh, Ryan! Results after the break? That was a mean and rotten trick.

Final Results For Real

Scotty is in! Yay!

Lauren Alaina is in! Oh, man. I knew I shouldn’t have voted for Haley. It totally jinxed her. I feel like Haley deserved that spot so much more than Lauren. Sure, Lauren has a great voice, but I think Haley earned her spot in the finale. Ah, well. It’s probably for the best that she escaped the clutches of the American Idol contract so she can put out an album that suits her. But still. The injustice of it all. My only consolation is that now she’ll be reunited with her “friend” Casey.

And now Scotty’s gotta win. I probably won’t vote for him just so that he will.

Haddock out!


One thought on “And the finalists are…

  1. Sarah Su says:

    I feel like I am famous when I see my name in your posts! I’m so glad you like me WAY more than American Idol. 😉 I am so excited for you to come see me!

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