V is for Voice

Choir practice was cancelled last night, so I was left with a block of time that I don’t usually have on Thursday nights. What to do, what to do. I put some thought into it and decided that the world powers probably have a plan for peace and HRH William and soon-to-be princess, Kate would probably be able to find someone else to do the flower arranging for their wedding. So after leaving work late, I decided to surround myself with music…via reality tv shows, of course, as is my way. I tuned into the results show, that was a given. And then I logged into Hulu and watched the first episode of “The Voice”, because it is my express opinion that if you’re going to passionately bash something, you should at least know what that something is. In most cases, at least. Anyyyyway.

5 Reasons to Like It

In which I eat my words…

1. I do like the humility of the judges coaches…having to sell the contestants on being on their team. It creates a whole different type of atmosphere.

2. I like that the talent is not restricted by age or configuration. I really liked that husband and wife duo, though some of their harmonies were a little off. I think in less stressful circumstances, they could be great.

3. Younger judges = not a bad thing. With the exception of the country dude, I was more familiar with the coaches work and style. It felt much more current which I expected to hate because of lack of experience, but I actually really enjoyed.

4. Carson Daly is a lovely host. He’s no Ryan Seacrest, but still…

5. Competition between the coaches. That was the most fun part to watch and, surprisingly, Adam was my favorite coach.

5 Reasons Why I Still Have My Reservations

In which I defend why I disliked it in the first place…

1. The show is kind of snooty in this blind audition round about only wanting “the voice” to matter. And while I think that is a very interesting way to approach things, the fact is, Lady Gaga would not be as big of a star without her crazy style and personality. And that’s the reality of the business. And it’s also the reason that when a “coach” didn’t turn their chair to put a bid to have someone on their team and then saw the person was gorgeous, they were kicking themselves.

2. I buy the “coaches” as successful music artists, but are they really producers? I don’t know about that. I don’t doubt that they can teach these youngsters something about the music biz, but really shaping them into an artist? That will be a wait and see deal.

3. Most of the contestants have that little bit of arrogance that I think we can all do without. Did you feel it too?

4. For the most part, the level of talent is much better at AI. Now, to be fair, part of that is probably the sheer terror of auditioning in front of not only celebrities but also an audience and millions of viewers across the nation.

5. (Please don’t stone me, okay?) I kind of hate the twitter-centric vibe. It’s distracting. And annoying.

Final verdict? I’ll watch again. But American Idol is still my first love. 🙂


One thought on “V is for Voice

  1. Aaron says:

    I think there is much more talent on The Voice. and quite frankly, I love how they care about their voice more than their looks on The Voice. AI too often puts bad singers through based on their looks. The problem is that looks don’t matter on the radio.

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