Double Trouble

When I finally pressed “play” on my trusty DVR last night it was to watch the results show with great trepidation. Would my respectable-and-not-at-all-stalkerish 50 online votes for Casey keep him safe? Would my television survive the night if he wasn’t (I’m prone to throwing things)? Would I begin to hate my beloved host, Ryan if he dragged out the results too extraneously? As you can see, there were questions. LOTS of questions. And the only way to get any answers was to buck up and watch the results show. (I feel as though Scotty would be proud of my use of “buck up” there.)

Maybe this scenario has happened to you at some point in your work career: you know when embark on a project and you put blood, sweat, and tears into it and then you present it–proud and exhausted–to your boss. And what you’re thinking you’ll hear is “Awesome! You rock! You’re the best employee ever!” but what they actually say is “Oh, that’s nice. But what I was thinking was that this would be twice what you’ve provided here.” Yeah, well I bet that’s how the American Idol trailer people feel. Two trailers in one week? They are probably cursing the judges save. What I wouldn’t give to be at that metaphorical water cooler…

Also? The Paul McDonald sign which consisted of a picture of teeth smiling with a drawing of one of the flowers on his coat made me smile.

“I Told You So” Performed by Lauren and Scotty

Wow, they sound fantastic together! This is a finale-type performance, so it just goes to show that this season’s crop of musical contestants are really phenomenal. As you might expect, though, it was a little awkward for those two youngsters to sing a romantic-type to each other. But still. So stellar!

Round 1 – Lauren and Scotty are…SAFE!

Ford Music Video

I generally just humor the American Idol producers by watching these commercials. But out of all of them, I think this one was the coolest. The Ford folks were really channeling X-Men and it made me like them that much more. Still, saying that it was my favorite Ford video doesn’t mean that I’m not sad I’ll never get that minute of my life back.

Interview Round

I’d like to know who sent James that WWE belt. Was it official? It looked official. Ryan made a big deal about how heavy it was when he took it from James. Oh, the cheap laughs. Nice, Ry-Ry.

Duet 2 – “Solid” Performed by Naima and Jacob

Yikes-a-mola. This was the duet from the pit of hell. Aside from the awkward movements and Naima’s pitch issues and Jacob’s breath-y-ness…oh, wait. Nope. There wasn’t anything redeeming about that performance.

Round 2 – Jacob lives to sing another day and Naima heads for the silver stools of terror.

Fantasia Performs “Collard Greens and Corn Break”

True confessions, I’ve never had collard greens. But this is not about me. This is about Fantasia and that gosh-awful dress and hairstyle. Her stylists must HATE her because that look…and the song for that matter…doesn’t do her any favors. I forgot how much she sounds like a Disney character. And the accompaniment really drowned her out. But I’ll say this for the girl: she knows how to get the audience into a performance. Are you taking notes, Stefano?

Oh. My. Gosh. I just saw Thia’s dress! It’s AMAZING!

“Teenage Dream” Haley, Thia, Pia

For this girl-power trio they decided to do a Katy Perry song. Haley had a little flub on the words during her solo, but sounded great. And shock of all shocks, I liked Pia’s contribution to this one. It’s the most connected I’ve felt to her yet. But seriously? Why did she wear a burlap bag for a shirt? Trying to offset the fitted gown from last night? I have two main observations:

1. Kudos to Haley for blending!! With her unique voices, that was probably kind of difficult.

2. Why was there was no solo love for Thia?

Round 3 – Pia and Haley head to the couches of comfort while Thia heads to sweat it out with Naima. I feel compelled to say that I called this, too.

YAY! KRIS ALLEN SIGHTING! Gosh, he’s still my favorite. Love that guy.


The featured video for this week followed the lives of the contestants moving from the rain-infested “mansion” to a hotel? Perhaps the hotel was only stop one? Regardless, the Idoloonies were moving on up and out and utilizing some rather random packing containers. A Bankers box, James? Garbage bags, Casey? Laundry basket, Naima?

The behind the scenes video of Casey after last week’s results show broke little pieces of my heart off every second. Good thing Dr. Shaun Nasseri was there to look after him! His tearful statement: “I can’t look anyone in the eye without crying right now” followed by his wide acceptance from his fellow contestants? Pass the Kleenex, please!

“Band on the Run” Paul, James, Stefano, and Casey

Wow. It’s like the American Idol producers read my blog post and answered me about what kind of music this band would play. Of course, they probably chose the song. So maybe it’s not an accurate picture. But what a talented group of guys on instruments. And Casey really got into it! One of the many reasons I love him.

Round 4 –  Bless you, Ryan Seacrest. Thank you for putting us out of our misery relatively quickly! Casey heads to the non-heart-attack-inducing couch with Ryan’s “if you knew how many of those 55,000,000 votes were cast for you last night you’d be really happy” ringing in his ears. I can’t speak for anyone else, but it helped me sleep better last night.

James is safe!

Paul is in the bottom 3!

Stefano is safe!

Hmm. I would have reversed those last, two, but I can see it. I like the variety that Paul brings to the American Idol stage, but he’s been better in theory than execution. Maybe because he isn’t at full strength health-wise? Maybe because he wears that jacket too much? Who’s to say?

Jamie Foxx and Will.i.Am Perform “I Wanna Party”

I couldn’t care less. Fast forwarding.

Final Results

Paul is safe. As it should be. Thia and Naima are outta there. Just as I thought. And Lauren Alaina is bawling her eyes out..awwww.

But the best thing about a double elimination? You have a buddy to leave with. It seems, somehow, less personal right?

For all of you that voted in my extremely sophisticated poll last week, thank you. For those that didn’t…shame on you! It only takes a SECOND. Here’s another chance. 🙂

Haddock out!


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