Close your eyes. Don’t look at me like that…just do it. Picture the road runner running down a dirt road kicking up dust with “feet” barely touching the ground. Meep, meep! That was me today. So, my deepest apologies for the late blog post. My heart was in the right place…Now. Onto the main event!

If there’s one thing Idol gets, its results. HA! Ba-dum-pa. Ryan tells us we’ll be losing one of our top 13 UNLESS, the judges use the Idol save. Boy, they just keep pullin’ out new rules right and left! It’s like playing a game of cups!

(start at 3:50)

A few random, stream of consciousness things:

– I’m so sad that Casey is in the hospital. Like the Idol contestants, I waved.

– Ford music video. It now has an intro. Eh.

– Red Riding Hood movie…Now, I’m jealous. I really want to see that!

– Whoa mansion. They’ve really got a leg up when playing MASH-O now.

– You know what’s worse than a visor? A visor that’s upside down and pushed to the side of one’s head. SCOTTY! It’s like you don’t even LISTEN TO ME.

– HOLY CLOSET, Batman!

Group performance!

All my burning (scalding, really) questions were about to be answered. Was it live? I think no. I think I caught sight of one contestant still “singing” when the voices had ended. But you know what, even if it was taped, I don’t really care! It was a little more free-form feeling in the choreography and the best group performance in all the seasons I’ve been watching.Whoa. Did you feel that paradigm shifting?

Let’s ask the questions on everyone’s mind. Yes. Their COLLECTIVE mind. Like the Borg. And they are: Is there any justice? Will Karen be sent home?

First group: Jacob, Stefano, Karen. Karen is in the bottom three! Good job, “America”.

Adam’s performance  of “Aftermath”

Call me crazy, but I really appreciated this performance. You know, minus all the politics in the lyrics. But it was controlled, it was emotional, it was professional. That Adam is a talented guy. I always thought so. Even if he did LOSE HIS MIND during his version of “Ring of Fire”. Let it go, Amy. Let it go. *Insert deep breath here.

Boy, that Lauren Alaina sure knows how to make me cry! But once she was whisked to safety (as we all knew she would be), I was glad that she gave Ryan a little hug. Usually the contestants just hug each other and while I can see the need for the moral support, none of the contestants had anything to do with them staying! Of course, neither does Ryan. But still. Closer. 

[Side note]: That is a banana clip of epic proportions in Ashthon’s hair!

Second Group: And with little pomp and next to no circumstance, Ryan reveals that Ashthon and Haley are in bottom three so quickly that I confess I got a little whiplashed. RYAN! Where’s the mystery? Where’s the reveal? Where’s the “We’ll learn the results….afTER the break”?! I feel gyped.

Diddy Dirty Money Performs

I’m boycotting this performance since Skylar Grey was the best part and was sorely underutilized. Also, I thought Diddy’s words to the contestants were a bunch of cliché’s strung together into barely coherent thought.

So there.

This bottom three was completely acceptable to me and it leads me to ask the question: are the online voters the voters that keep “America” sane? I’d like to think so, since I’m one of them.

Okay, Karen is safe. Ew.

And just like that, Ashthon is out! Great. Oh, right she can be saved. The judges wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that, would they? After her performance (the Diana Ross repeat), Ashthon dissolved into tears and it was up to the red-lipped wonder to deliver the judges determination on the “judges save” front.

And let me tell you, the sigh from J. Lo said it all. Using copious amounts of the word “baby” to soften the blow, she let Ashthon know that she would be leaving and that was that.

Once we get to a certain point (much earlier than previous seasons), these eliminations are going to be wretchedly painful. But luckily we have some cushion leading up to that point. 🙂

Haddock out!


2 thoughts on “

  1. Erin says:

    I think it was a solid bottom three, even if I would have preferred Karen to get booted. Two other things:
    I think Haley should lighten or darken her hair. She’s coming across very monochromatic with the light brown hair, tan skin and light brown eyes.
    Stephano is from my home town! Like, down the street. So, by the way, is Sir Mix-a-lot. But that’s a story for another time.

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