The Night of Endless Hugs

Hey guys, did you know that Jennifer Lopez has a new music video out for her new song “On the Floor”? You know what would be cool. If she would create multiple endings to the music video and then we could choose! Oh, wait…

Now, I’ve just returned from choir practice and am seated (alone, mind you) in my comfy blue recliner with my trusty DVR remote close by my side. And as sad as it is for me to admit this to you, I couldn’t help squealing when Ryan entered because there. it. was. The staircase of stardom makes a return! Now, if that doesn’t signal the sign of a results show, I don’t know what does.

The big questions plaguing us tonight are: Will they do a group number? Will it be pre-taped or live? Will they be able to do choreography and sing at the same time? Phew. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Oh yeah, and who will be in our top 12? I confess that the whole “judges wild card” makes me breathe a little easier. Oh, hush,”America”. You don’t have the best track record in these situations.

40 million votes were cast last night. Sheesh. The power of online voting…though Ryan attributed it to the contestants. Hmm. Could be. But I tend to think I’m right on this one.

A few gripping (and shallow) observations:

– Thia stole one of Randy’s old sweaters! That little minx.

– Oh, the fact that Paul McDonald broke out his now-lucky mariachi jacket bodes well for him!

– I’m lovin’ J. Lo’s ensemble this evening. At least the shirt and the hair and the make-up since I kinda  missed her entrance.

– Steven Tyler’s magenta pirate shirt didn’t faze me. Maybe I’m getting used to his fashion antics.

Ryan does his best to strike fear into our hearts with the statement “Drama like you’ve never seen before is about to unfold on this stage–live.” But I wasn’t quaking in my boots. This group is pretty talented so as long as Ta-Tynisha Wilson, Julie Zorrilla, and Jordan Dorsey are out of the top 12, I’ll be okay.

I love the camaraderie between the current top 24, but I’m starting to get a sinking feeling that tonight is going to be brutal across the board. We’ve never had to say good-bye to such a large chunk of contestants at the same time and while I think it could be nice for the booted folks to know they aren’t alone, it’ll make for a bittersweet night for the “chosen” contestants.

Can we just take a moment of silence for the BEST COMPILATION VIDEO EVER?!? That. was. hilarious. And I don’t mind telling you that I watched it twice. Casey’s statements made me straight out guffaw and I found myself having to relax my jaw muscles after grinning like an idiot through the entire thing. This must be what beauty pageant contestants feel like.

Random thoughts and quotes:

– Whoa. Scotty. Buddy. The visor is too much. Especially paired with a jersey. Get your head in the game, kid!

– “We should have a bass-off. That’s the only way to settle it.” – Casey after claiming that he plays the upright bass better than Randy

“‘James, James look over here! Country Living!’ Wait…why would I be in Country Living?” – James Durbin about walking the “blue” carpet

“This whole thing has brought me from being a burnt cookie in the batch to a burnt cookie with frosting on top. I’m like a rainbow cookie in a pile of chocolate chip cookies. I really like cookies.” – Brett Lowenstein on his Idol journey

More humor, guys. That’s what this show is missing! Maybe they should start an Idol quote board. Maybe I should start an Idol quote board!

But as quickly as we were plunged into some much-needed levity, we were yanked back into the dramatic unfolding of the top 10. And boy, was Clint painful to watch. I felt his every emotion and the poor guy could hardly contain his tears! Because I’m totally heartless, this confirmed my suspicion that he isn’t ready for the ups and downs of the competition. Yes, I know. Feel free to stick pins in a doll created in my image, Clint fans. Also, can I just say that I love that American Idol makes it okay for guys to hold hands while they are waiting for results. Solidarity, brothers!

Wow. That video highlighting the girls was guilt. trip. city. That, combined with a few vaguely disturbing threats makes me wish they had taken a cue from the boys. And now we come to the portion of our show where:

Six Contestants Compete for the Wild Card

Talk about your ulcer-inducing situations, right? Even if there are no extenuating circumstances, if I’m singing a solo I’ll break down for no apparent reason. I can’t imagine being in this pressure-cooker!

Ashton Jones

Song Choice: “I’m Tellin’ You”

Her desperation was clear and the vocal was a little strained.

Stefano Langone

Song Choice: “I Need You Now”

SO much more full-bodied than last night’s performance. It showcased his voice very well. Didn’t know the song, but Wow! Did it make a statement. And how.

Kendra Chantelle

Song Choice: “Georgia On My Mind”

Started LOW. It was good, but she spent too much time in her lower register. And it sounded very “the same” as last night’s performance.

Jovany Barreto

Time out. Seriously? Okay. Moving on.

Song Choice: “Angel”

Side note: His mouth is really tiny in comparison with the rest of his face.

He was clearly hoping to pull out some Karen Rodriguez magic by singing the song partially in Spanish. Also, my eagle-eye noted that he was shaking. Poor guy.

Naima Adedepo

Song Choice: “For All We Know”

Dude. Her nerves really made her tone go flat. She regained control after the intro, though, so kudos to her.

Robbie Rosen

Song Choice: “Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word”

As soon as Robbie opened his mouth, I started begging the judges to please, please, please let him through. Further evidence that the TV is not an effective two-way communication device. Sigh.

Top 12 13

I was surprised by Karen Rodriguez’s entrance into the top ranks, but otherwise, things landed as I thought and/or wished they would. I found myself chanting “C’mon, Paul!” with a good deal of conviction over and over before Ryan scuttled him to the safety couch. I was so pleased to see that the judges didn’t even give Ta-Tynisha, Julie, or Jordan a chance to compete in the wild card round. As that unfolded (with a totally staged and completely cruel put-off of the results in favor of watchings J.Lo’s new music video), I had two heart breaks:

1. That Rachel Zevita didn’t get a chance to redeem herself from Wednesday’s train wreck (’cause she’s wicked talented).

2. That Robbie Rosen was cut after his hauntingly beautiful performance. I wish he had gotten Naima’s spot, ’cause Stefano’s performance was equally stellar and gorgeous and he absolutely deserved the spot.

Below is my list of what my utterly biased opinion is of how far they’ll get:

1. Casey Abrams

2. Lauren Alaina

3. James Durbin

4. Scotty McCreery

5. Jacob Lusk (really hope I’m wrong and he doesn’t stay this long)

6. Karen Rodriguez (desperately hope I’m wrong that she’ll do this well)

7. Pia Toscano

8. Thia Megia (oh, please let me be wrong)

9. Stefano Langone* – REALLY glad the judges saved this one. He’s really exceptional and I hope he gets some fans ASAP!

10. Paul McDonald (if I’m wrong I’ll do a happy jig)

11. Haley Reinhart (being wrong would thrill me to pieces)

12. Ashton Jones* – Eh. Okay…I think her voice is good but I’ve never been wow-ed by her. I guess “America” wasn’t either. I don’t think she’ll stick around too awfully long.

13. Naima Adedepo*- unless she can start to be more likeable and refrain with the constant waterworks, I think her days are numbered.

* = Judges Wild Card

I find myself to be optimistic at this stage of the game. It’s a weird feeling after several seasons where I was mostly clawing my couch cushion in horror over what “America” wrought. What did you think? Did your favorite make it through?

Haddock out!


3 thoughts on “The Night of Endless Hugs

  1. Liz Johnson says:

    Thanks for the recap, as I missed the show! I do love, Casey. He’s too adorable with that beard. 🙂 But I hope we get to see him without it at some point. Loving that Paul is representing Nashville! 🙂 Looking forward to a long season of your recaps. Have a wonderful day!

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