24: American Idol-style

I think even with all Jack Bauer’s amazing skills and his ability to, you know, endure the most stressful days of his life and cheat death every second…even he’d crumble under a singing competition such as this. Tick, tock, tick, tock [black screen].

When last we saw J. Lo, she was a weeping mess (not that I’m pointing any fingers) and Ryan questioned her ability to continue breaking hearts and fulfilling dreams in this portion of the “journey”.

Never underestimate the healing powers of “taking five”, though. As I predicted, J. Lo resumed her post and with Jennifer back in the saddle, the first contestant of the evening took the walk down the “shadowy path” (thanks for THAT, Ryan) to learn her fate.

In the Top 24:

Karen Rodriguez

First of all, there was no way they were going to risk another meltdown by making J. Lo deliver bad news to another of her favorites in a row! Second of all, I love her hair and she seems to have a sweet spirit and a powerhouse of a voice. But seriously? Holy short skirt, Batman.

Robbie Rosen

Clearly, I like this kid. And his nose, too. Here’s hoping he sings more Sara Bareilles throughout the competition! 🙂

Tatynisa Wilson

Um, no. This was a mistake. I haven’t been impressed one single iota with Miss Tatynisa and that’s not just because it took me three tries to understand how her name is spelled. I’m sad she made it in. If I were in charge (like Charles), I’d have given her spot to Hollie Cavanagh.

Tim Halprin

Ryan kept telling us that those contestants that elected to perform an original song were taking “a big risk”. I can’t recall a single original-song-singer not making it through. Is that just me? Tim seems to have a level-headed approach to the competition and I was impressed at his statement (“I did my best and now it’s in your hands”) to the judges while waiting to learn his fate. Now, would I give him a different haircut? Absolutely. But that’s neither hair nor there. 🙂 Also, his last name is kind of close to Halpert. As in Jim. As in awesomeness…

Julie Zorrilla


There’s something about this chick that makes me feel weird. She’s just a little too polished, a little too practiced…a little too Stepford-ish. And that awkward attempt to pick Ryan up in the joy of her making it through didn’t change my opinion at all. I know I might just be nit-picking. After all, she does have an incredible voice. Time will tell, I suppose!

Scotty McCreery

I think you all know by now that real country music isn’t much my flava’. But, I understand that in a top 24 there needs to be variety and that even though I wish that Colton Dixon was standing in Scotty’s spot, if we had to have a country-type persona up in here…I’m glad it’s him. Mostly because makes me laugh:

(Note, if you will, Tatynisa’s less than stellar performance vocally. Anyhoo.) And also because he seems to be an authentic and likeable person.

Jovany Barreto

Poor Jovany had very little screen time throughout this process. I got nothing except to say that his vocals seem to be rock solid.

Lauren Turner

Lauren was also dealt the “lack of screen time” card. More to be seen here!

Rachel Zevita

Oh, I’m SO excited about this one. I love her voice! And her fashion (at least last night)! And her personality! Can’t wait to see more of her. And it seems that she has an ally in Ryan, so that’s fun. 🙂

Kendra Chantelle

Kendra reminds me of a fellow cheerleader from high school, so that’s kinda wiggin’ me out.  

Jordan Dorsey

SERIOUSLY? WE’RE LETTING JORDAN IN? Sigh. Ego maniac #2 breaks the ranks of the top 24. And a little piece of my soul dies.

Lauren Alaina aka Sheera Princess of Power

It’s no secret that I dig this chick. I think she’ll make it to the top 2. 🙂

Stefano Langone

Dude can sing. And after learning that he cracked the top 24 his first comment? “I haven’t slept in 4 days!” 🙂 Plus, my college friends Michael and Irene know Stefano’s dad! Count me as a fan. 🙂

Jacob Lusk

Me no likey his vibrato. His jumping around? Okay, I kinda liked that.

Pia Toscano

Sounds like my favorite soup from Olive Garden! But it’s not. It’s a very talented girl who will hopefully go far!

James Durbin

Ah, James. Welcome to the top 24. I’m really excited that you’re here to provide a little variety and, I’m assuming, a whole lotta screaming. Mostly, I hope you live up to the hype because the screaming isn’t going to take you far with me. Also, can you remove the “tail” from future outfits? Thanks.

Thia Megia

WOOHOO! YAY! YIPPEE! I knew it. I love how she just sat there and let Jessica Cunningham dig her own grave.

Casey Abrams

Way to bury the lead, producers! I love the way Randy broke the news. No hemming. No hawing. No fake out “you’ve had ups and downs through Hollywood” speech. Just a flat-out statement of the facts: he’s given the best performance they’ve seen in 10 seasons. And while that is high and lofty praise at this point in the competition and I don’t know that I’d go THAT far, I heart him. He’s my number one favorite right now. And let’s face it, his main obstacle to overcome is too high of expectations…

Brett Lowenstein


Okay, his “zen” approach to life kinda makes me crazy. And his original song was, to use a Simon term, indulgent. But his voice is quirky and cool. I hope he can pull it together and, more importantly, not annoy me in the coming weeks.

Going Home:

Brittany Misour

Jimmy Allen

John Wayne Schulz

Lauren Turner

Erin Kelly

Taiwan Strong

Jackie Wilson

Jessica Cunningham

Colton Dixon – I’m gonna miss him.

Jaycee Badeaux – I knew it!

And just like that we have a top 24. And I didn’t even have to break a sweat.

Haddock out!


One thought on “24: American Idol-style

  1. Jennifer Pam says:

    LOVE LOVE Lauren….agree with you about most! (mumbler really needs to go home) LAUGHED out loud many times while reading both posts! u r funny, my friend.

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