Season 10: The Debut

Well, Idoloonies. Here we are embarking on season ten of our beloved American Idol. After a long and well-fought day at the office and an evening out with a friend, I am now perched in my recliner eating rice pudding (don’t ask) watching the opening credits to what promises to be at the very least a…different…type of season.

And, as Arby’s wisely told us in the ye old days of past commercials, “different is good”. I know I don’t normally blog about the audition rounds, but I think this could be an exception. Like the ground-breaking Idol producers, I wouldn’t want to become stale. You know, like a cracker that hasn’t been properly Ziploc-ed. Yes. I just made Ziploc a verb.

I know what question is weighing on your minds. How am I eating rice pudding, managing the remote and typing this post? Not easily, that’s how.

Ahem. Let’s get this shin-dig started. But first, a word from your sponsor.

  • The opening images to season 10 made me think that I was watching “Apollo 13”. But don’t be alarmed. It’s just the American Idol logo. No need for me to fashion a device that will catapult me safely past the moon’s gravitational pull into earth’s atmosphere.
  • The judges intro kind of amused me. I just love how self-important American Idol is. They revealed JLo, SteTy, and RaJa with as much pomp and circumstance as a Presidential inauguration! And while I do think these new judges are a dramatic change from seasons past, somehow I think the republic will stand if American Idol ceases to dominate the television universe.
  • New credits! First thought: yay! Second thought: these are just as bad as the first!

And now, a few pieces of trivia that might be useful to you as you travel the tumultuous waters of the tenth season of Idol.

1. The age restriction has been lowered. The new magic age? 15. Sure, they are not mature enough to operate a motor vehicle without the presence of an adult, but I’m SURE they are well-equipped to deal with rejection on a NATIONAL LEVEL. No sweat.

2. Contestants will now be able to sing songs of their own creation. I betcha wish you had waited until this season to audition, huh MamaSox? I think this is a double-edged sword of sorts. After all, we know from experiences like this one that not everyone is successful at writing a hit song. But, if a contestant has the chops to write and sing a song that is not only in their heart, but is actually worth the radio waves…well…I think I just heard the iTunes kingdom expand. You didn’t hear it? Oh. Okay, then. Maybe it was just me.

3. Contestants were able to audition online this year, for the first time in Idol history, on MySpace. My question: Who is even on MySpace these days?

And now, let the season commence! Because as the floating words that brought us into the deca-season of American Idol told us, this season is not about the new judges. It’s not about the contestants. It’s about US, “America”. I’m glad we cleared that up. 🙂

Favorite moments from the premiere:

“You really proved that you can sing your tush-oola off.” – SteTy (For better or worse, this guy’s gonna give me some good quotes this year.)

 – How cute is Robbie Rosen (aka I-was-in-a-wheel-chair-as-a-child guy)? He has an eerie resemblance to a one Ross Geller, right? I bet if American Idol doesn’t work out, paleontology is right around the corner…

– Ryan coaxing boy scout’s mom to sing the first few notes of her “go-to song” before she buried her head in his chest. How does Ryan get these people to DO these things?!?

– JLo to RaJa: “How did you do this for 10 years?” (Well…he had a veritable cheat sheet of terminology that he could plug into any given scenario and Simon and Paula’s shenanigans to distract us!)

– “I wanna be the first show tune pop star.” – Ashley Sullivan, audition-ee (btw, I kinda love her.)

– First tears of the season: Kosovo war refugee story and subsequent golden ticket. Just in case anyone’s keeping track.

-“I’ve been imitating Michael Jackson since before I was born.” – Yoji “Pop”Asano

Now, people. That’s how we start a SEASON! What did YOU think?


One thought on “Season 10: The Debut

  1. Beth says:

    Hey Amy –
    I’ve heard that MySpace has morphed into a forum for unknown, independent musicians to get themselves out there for the world to hear. That might explain the MySpace auditions.

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