Adopting a New Attitude

So, it’s my friend Kelly’s birthday today. You may not know Kelly or her husband, David, or her sweet daughter, Norah. But I do. And that’s how I know that they are in the process of adopting a child from South Korea. (It’s top-secret information that they have cleverly hidden on their blog…especially this post covertly called “Why Adoption?”). I know. I could be a spy, ’cause I’m THAT GOOD at finding information that people are trying to keep under wraps. I’m THAT GOOD.

Anyhoo. Kelly and David have a heart to minister to orphans and want to do it in a tangible way by adopting a child (or maybe more!) in need of a home. And to help cover the cost of the tremendous expense, in addition to their careful savings, they are selling wicked-cool T-shirts

You’re welcome.

I’m really blessed to have been born into a family with parents that love the Lord and did their level best to raise me in a way that honored Him. And I’m really excited for Kelly, David, and Norah as they seek to do the same thing for a child clear across the world who needs a family.

So, buy a T-shirt, k? ‘Cause it’s for a good cause. And heaven knows you can never have enough T-shirts. Trust me. 🙂


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