Mac ‘n PC

Perhaps you’ve seen these commercials:

I find them just as clever as the next person…but even I can pick up on the not so subtle message: MACs rule and PCs drool. Or something more sophisticated.

Up until now, I’ve taken issue with the MAC people. They seem arrogant and cult-like in their following. Sure, I turn a blind eye to iTunes because I like it so much. But their computers were a different story altogether. This was not just an ideological position. No, I’ve tried a MAC because my dear sister, Lindsay, has one. Let me tell you, sometimes I would be working on the computer and pictures of every open application would just suddenly appear, covering up what I was working on. Now, that’s annoying. Also, I find that my keyboard shortcuts are no longer welcome in a MAC operating system. And they’ve “re-labeled” programs and everything just to put their own mark on it.

Lovely. At that point, I was having flashbacks of trying to read Lord of the Rings and decipher the names that all sound the same.

On the other hand, my PC has always been a faithful companion. I speak its language and it speaks mine. My keyboard shortcuts obey my every command. In short, I can be more efficient on a PC. At least, that’s the way it was…

Recently, I came in possession of a MAC computer for work purposes. The most fantastic thing about this is that it’s a laptop that is completely connected to all my work drives. Oh. Em. Gosh. This has revolutionized my life and forced me to become better acquainted with MAC.

I can now readily admit that the MAC interface is very crisp and fun and a lot of the features are wicked cool. I also am partial to my efficiency on a PC. And I have I mentioned keyboard shortcuts? This is important to me, people.

All that to say, I now have a PC and a MAC happily co-existing. And if the computers themselves can co-habitat with no drama, then why can’t PC advocates and MAC lovers do the same? There’s gotta be some middle ground, after all. Right? Who’s with me, people?!


2 thoughts on “Mac ‘n PC

  1. Kelly says:

    Okay, I’m with you… keyboard shortcuts are so important! MAC’s have them too, you’ll get there. I use my shortcuts so much now it’s just habit like it was on the PC at work 🙂

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