I realized that I commonly start my blogs with the word “so”. I know a grammar teacher would rap my knuckles, but “so” is how I commonly start conversations with real people. That means, I consider my blog readers “real people”. SO THERE, Ms. Grammarian. 🙂

I am one of those people who appreciates a good sentence, recognizes typos, and all in all respects the rules of the English language. At least, I respect what rules I remember. My job requires me to be pretty nit-picky about that stuff, but I’ve really tried to loosen up in the rest of my life. I have come to realize that what’s most important is that I (and others) COMMUNICATE. Not so much that we all speak correctly all the time.

I have about three writing tendencies that I’m constantly battling:

1. When in doubt, I always use a comma. This, leads to many commas, a lot of, the time. Not always a good thing, eh? I was told by an English teacher way back when that I should use a comma each time I would naturally pause if I were speaking that sentence. Apparently, I pause extraneously.

2. I love to use ellipses. They are a very appealing punctuation, I must say. Especially since my blogging is almost always stream of consciousness. What punctuation mark could be better in that context? I’m just sayin’…

3. The dreaded over-use of the exclamation point! I know that real writers use these sparingly. But the things that happen in my life and the things that I chose to blog about are usually passionate issues! And I want people to know it!

So now you know the seedy underbelly of my writing. But if you’ve been paying attention at all, you probably already knew them. How kind of you to play along! (See what I did there? I made you feel nice by using an exclamation point so that you would know that sentence had meaning behind it).


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