Grown-up Living

So, I know that I’m fast approaching my 30’s, but there are a lot of times I don’t really act my age. Sure, I have all the responsibilities of a human being in my stage of life and I think I navigate that pretty successfully, but don’t be fooled. I usually feel like I’m pretending to be an adult and just happen to be pulling a lot of wool over people’s eyes.

That said, there are a few things that make me feel like a grown-up. Here they are in no particular order…

1. Grocery shopping. I love it! I think my spiritual gift might be grocery shopping, and I have in the past taken friends’ lists and money and gone shopping for them. I get a sense of empowerment walking amongst the aisles of cereal, baking supplies, and piled fruit. So many choices…what brand is cheapest/best? what fruit do I want to buy? what breakfast do I want to have handy? what new product looks like the best thing since sliced bread?…and I get to make them ALL BY MYSELF. I find myself approaching my grocery shopping in one of two ways:

– I wander all around the store looking for general food types that look good to me at that moment or that look like a good price. I have a loose plan, but my cart leaves no aisle unturned. Otherwise, how would I have discovered “Oat Revolution” my new favorite type of oatmeal?

– I have a list categorized by where items are in the store. This is by far my most efficient way of shopping…but sometimes, efficient isn’t best. Yes. You heard me say it. It’s now in writing, so feel free to use it against me. πŸ™‚

2. Calling adults by their first names. I grew up in a household that taught me to respect my elders. This included: (a) not interrupting adults when they were speaking and waiting patiently to be acknowledged before asking my question (b) answering the telephone formally each and every time (c) calling adults by Mr. or Mrs. Last Name. Lemme tell you, that’s a super hard habit to break once you’ve started it. I mean, I’ve been “Miss Amy” since my days of leading children’s church/Awana/etc. but to call my parent’s friends or my friend’s parents by their first name? Sacrilege! I’m learning to get over it, though. It’s just weird.

3. Bringing food to a potluck or meals to a family that needs them. That’s just such an adult responsibility. When I bring that meal, that means that many times people that DON’T EVEN KNOW ME will be forced to rely on my cooking abilities to survive that meal. And let me tell you, that’s something that I take seriously. Which is why a lot of times I’ll show up on someone’s steps, with pizza box in hand, ready to fulfill my responsibility. Just kidding…kind of. πŸ™‚

4. Buying my own shoes. Maybe it’s just my memory of standing in Payless and having my Mom feel where my toes were in that particular shoe before giving it a green light or…not. But it always makes me feel like a grown-up when I purchase my own shoes. Especially when they are more funky than functional. The same really goes for buying any clothing or accessory item in whatever style I deem “mine”. Sure, my wardrobe might mostly consist of cardigans and bright colors. But, hey! It was my call.

There are probably lots more things, but these are the ones that come to mind. Maybe someday soon I’ll be a “real” adult. But until then, I plan to rock my cute-but-impractical shoes.


One thought on “Grown-up Living

  1. Dad says:

    Hmmm..,fast approaching your 30’s huh? After reading your post today, I guess if I had a blog (and I never will with the high standards of amycoadventures in the blogosphere) I would have called it “Having Grown Up Living Kids = AARP Living Coming Soon to a Life Near Me”. πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to pressing on the toe of your shoes soon, M! Enjoy Thanks…Giving!! AMLA, Dad

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