Well, guys…

…technically this is supposed to be a down night for me. I don’t have weekly schduled plans or anything going on. Therefore, I had every intention of spending some time crafting a truly mahvelous blog post for you.

But…and I’m just keepin’ it real…I’m exhausted. This week at work has been rewarding but it has been draining mentally and physically and now that the roughest part is over, all I want to do is crash and watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay go against the Pioneer Woman. Is that too much to ask? 

So instead of that fantastically wonderful blog post, I thought it might be more fun…for you, of course…if I just posted something lame. Something to keep my obligation to NaBloPoMo fulfilled without using too much brainpower.

I understand that I’m totally slacking on my duties here. But I’m just a little afraid of what will come out if I really try to blog for real. Let’s think of this blog post as something done for YOUR safety. I really think we’ll all be better off that way.

And with any luck, I’ll be back to normal tomorrow. Well, as normal as I can be…


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