Rolling the Dice

So, a recent email from my Dad contained these two lines:

“You are on a roll…perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket! (Especially since I think you have a gambling gene that wants to expose itself!) :)”

You might think this was funny coming from my conservative Dad, but he’s referring to the days of yore where I would give my mom a heart attack by telling everyone around the dinner table that I wanted to go to Vegas and play the slots. There was really no better way to get a reaction from her…but I didn’t just say it for the fun. I do really think it’d be fun to go to Vegas, have a set amount of cash and see what the slots could hold for me. Do I want to do that enough that I would buy a plane ticket, take a trip, and actually fulfill this statement? Eh. Not so much.

I bring this up because today at work I had to elect my benefits for 2011. You’d think it’d be pretty cut and dried, but working in life insurance in NO way prepared me for the overgrown labryinth that is the medical insurance system. PPO, HMO, EPO…these are all letters that I find in my alphabet soup. They shouldn’t carry the weight of my medical well-being on their shoulders.

How does this relate? Oh, right. Kinda lost the point there for a second or two. Electing benefits is totally like gambling. Will I be the picture of health for the next year? Or will everything in my body gang up on me and try to force me into a slow bankruptcy?  The acronymn I choose will resign me to my fate. Either I pay a hundred million dollars, too, when I could’ve spent next to nothing on a cheaper plan or I win big because I have a capped amount of money that can flow from my hands to theirs. It’s a toss-up, really.

On the bright side, Mom, I think I’ve had enough gambling for a while. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rolling the Dice

  1. stef says:

    Vegas! Do you want to do that enough that I would get in the car with friends, take a road trip, and actually fulfill this statement for Stephanie’s 30th birthday?? Eh. Not so much 😦

    You should go next time!

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