Weathering winter

Okay, so I understand that I voluntarily moved to Colorado. And when you live in a state like Colorado, it’s expected that snow will show up in the winter-time. I get it.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

This year, Colorado actually got a fall season! The first snow usually shows up sometime in October, but this year, we made it through the first week of November with nary a snowflake in sight. And let me tell you…it was heaven.

Don’t get me wrong, when my fellow Coloradans were bemoaning the lack of powder at their favorite ski slope or complaining that it didn’t feel like winter, or telling me that they were hoping for snow and chillier weather, I totally played along. I’m trying to blend here! But in my heart of hearts, I was STOKED. In fact, I thought we might be able to make it to December without any snow at all.

Oh, naive Amy. I should’ve known not to set any expectations…especially on weather in Colorado! People here will tell you that if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait five minutes. And it’s kinda true. In my case, it came in the form of snow this week.

I should probably clarify something. I love snow. Seriously…I think the mountains are more beautiful with snow-capped peaks. I love the feeling of watching snow swirl outside while I’m inside and warm and dry. I even like playing it and have tossed a few snowballs in my day. Here’s what I don’t like: driving in it.

I know, I know…I learned to drive in Alaska! This should be a piece of cake! Here’s the difference. Alaskans know how to deal with winter. Everyone has studded snow tires and the plows respond immediately to snow. Where I live, snow plows only come out if you’re lucky. Not all the major roads are plowed. Mostly, the philosophy is “the sun is just going to melt it eventually, so why waste the money to plow these roads?” BECAUSE IT KEEPS PEOPLE SAFE, SNOW PLOWS! Sheesh.

Also, I think I’m slightly scarred from this. My first winter here just DUMPED snow and I wasn’t able to make it home for Christmas, after a hard transition in moving to a new state. I was stressed out trying to work from home so I wouldn’t have drive in white-out conditions to make it to Monument, only to have my internet go on the fritz. That and struggling with all the fear issues that my roll-over car accident caused. Needless to say, it wasn’t a shiny, happy time.

Now, the Lord really used some of that for good and I am now much more settled with Colorado as my home. But still. Traumatic times!

Ahem. I digress. So…snow. So far, the snow has gone easy on me. We haven’t gotten any accumlating white stuff yet and it’s now mid-November. All that to say, when I hit winter I turn into part Amy, part weather-girl. I keep up with all the major local news stations’ weather predictions religiously and can usually spout off the forecast for any given day with very little prompting. I like to be mentally prepared.

So it will probably not come as a shock to you that I found this video pretty funny:


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