Ode to My Little Sis

Listen, I know that Veteran’s Day is a big deal. Living in a hub of military personnel, I’m very aware of what our military does and how much of a debt of gratitude I owe to these men and women for my freedom. That’s probably why this song always brings me to tears. Sometimes even just MENTIONING it makes me cry.

Nevertheless, November 11th has an even more special meaning than Veteran’s day to me…it’s Lindsay’s birthday. That’s right. I was an only child until she came along. We’re about 2-1/2 years apart, so I really don’t remember a time when she wasn’t around.

I was reminiscing a bit and I realized that all of my best “sister” stories have Lindsay at the very heart of them. Why not me? Well, I was always one to play it safe. To color within in the lines. To obey the rules. And Lindsay? Well, let’s just say she had a lot more gumption. ūüôā

For all our similarities that tend to come from¬†growing up in the¬†same household, we really are very different. She is the most disciplined person I know. I, on the other hand, tend to think of discipline as a fluid concept. There’s not many people I know that are more clean than she is (one birthday I just sent her a box of new cleaning products). I see clutter as a charming part of any room decor. She’s tough and can say it like it is. I’m kind of a wuss who can sometimes beat around the bush. Her hair is naturally curly. My hair is straight as a pin. You catch my drift.

Needless to say, when we spend a lot of time together, the odds are that one of us will get on the other’s last nerve.

But you know what? Even though I’m the older sister, I really look up to my younger sister.

1.¬†She’s transitioned from single, to married, to mom really gracefully. It hasn’t all been easy and it’s amazing to see how¬†she¬†has tackled each situation with a¬†strength of spirit¬†that I really envy.

2. She’s a great listener and she can give me feedback that no one else can. Since we’re so different, she sees a different side of the situation and yet knows me so well and can call me out when it’s needed.

3. She’s a truly fantastic mother. Karis is really fun to be around (and I’m not just saying that ’cause I’m her aunt) and that’s largely because of Lindsay’s consistent and loving training day in and day out.

4. She’s fun. I love to laugh with her and just hang out. We both love to read and have a lot of similar interests, and it’s so fun to share that part of life with her.

5. She does things even when she doesn’t want to. I’m constantly amazed at her dedication, her committment, and her discipline to do what she should do…even when it’s not comfortable, glamorous, or fun. She does what needs to get done and doesn’t complain…even when I feel that she has a right to.

6. As we’ve grown older and closer, I’ve seen her stubborn streak mellow. Sure, she has very specific ideas about things and doesn’t hesitate to share those. But really, she has a very humble and teachable spirit that I am convicted by.

7. If I ever doubt that the Lord can change people, all I have to do is look at Lindsay’s life and know that He does. She’s been through a lot in her short lifetime and come through it on the other side. And I’m so thankful.

I don’t always fully understand her. I’m quite sure the feeling is mutual. But I wouldn’t trade our sisterhood (ya ya!) for anything in the world. My life is so much better because she’s in it and I’m richly blessed by our relationship.

Love you, sis! Happy Birthday. ūüôā


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