Yes, my family has its quirks…

…but let’s face it. So does yours. đŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m super de-duper looking forward to Christmas vacation this year. Not only do I get over two weeks at home and away from work, but I also get to hang out with the people that “get me” best–my family. Since it’s been on my mind waaaayyy more than I really want to admit here (after all, we haven’t really hit Thanksgiving yet!), I decided to focus my energies into the list below.

You might be a Haddock girl if:

  • You think a perfectly acceptable form of quality together time is a “reading party” (i.e. you all sit in a room together and read your individual books silently).
  • You think that spritz cookies and peanut butter fudge is a viable breakfast option
  • You have a definite opinion one way or another about the type of ornaments should be highlighted on the yearly Christmas tree. (I personally like the nostalgia ones that were made from popsicle sticks, cotton balls, were baked or heavily glittered or just old mismatched ornaments from my childhood. My sisters and mom both go for the “hotel tree” look. The “hotel tree” look is loosely defined as a color-coordinated decor…i.e. matching ribbon and glass ornaments.)
  • Your stocking stuffers are too big for the stocking, so instead they are wrapped, placed underneath the tree and labeled as “S.S.”
  • You look forward most to frog-eye salad at the Christmas day feast and bring it to the table for every meal following.

I’ll confess a teensy weensy part of me is excited to go home because my parents have DirecTV and therefore have access to the current season of Friday Night Lights (which they may or may not be saving up for me on their TiVo). But mostly? It’s the frog-eye salad.


3 thoughts on “Yes, my family has its quirks…

  1. Dad says:

    Mostly you might be a Haddock if you are looking forward to doing all those things with your daughter, who is living a “Adventure in Colorado” the rest of the year! đŸ˜‰


  2. Kelly says:

    Family is so great! I hope your Christmas is all you are long for Am. I have heard about this famous frog eyed salad… it kinda looks like grits but I’ve only had that once.

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