The Best Invention Ever…maybe.

Oh, wow. Not even a week into nablopomo (which is NOT a disease, btw) and I already almost missed a day! Some people should just not be trusted with deadlines. Ahem.

So, in the space of this blog post, I think it’s important to tell you about what I consider the best invention of all time*. And that is the space heater. But not just ANY space heater, the LASKO 1000 (which I’ve taken to calling it).

Special features of the Lasko heater include:

1.  It oscillates (which in addition to being a fun word to say, is also VERY functional).

2. It has a remote.

You know those mornings in the winter (Texas, Florida, and California residents excluded, of course) when it’s so cold that you can’t bear to leave the comfort of your warm and cozy bed to step into the rest of your day? Well, the Lasko 1000 renders this problem obsolete. When my first alarm goes off, I turn on the heater. And when my third alarm goes off and it’s actually time for me to get up, the temperature in my room is equal to the temperature under my covers! Voila.

Now, if only I could carry it and use it everywhere I go…still working on that one… 

*Okay, realistically the best inventions were things like the telephone, the computer and the slipper. But I’m just pulling from recent history. 🙂


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