Dancing with the Stars vs. SYTYCD

Okay, people. It’s been a while since Dancing with the Stars had it’s first season. I kept hearing about this show everywhere. People would talk about it at work. My radio station would take great care to announce who had left the night before during the results show. Facebook statuses popped up everywhere. You know what the buzz reminded me of? American Idol, that’s what. But even with the hype being the same, I always thought of this show as a dancing show that old people would want to watch. There’s really no offense meant here. That was just the impression I got from the previews and how people talked about it. I’d never seen it myself, so I didn’t have any room to talk.

I have, however, always been a big fan of dancing movies (Step Up 2: The Streets, anyone?). I think it’s because I really wish I was coordinated enough/athletic enough to be a dancer. Also, I discovered a gem of a show in it’s second season called So You Think You Can Dance. What? I had to have something after American Idol to take away the sting. 🙂

Last season, I watched an episode of Dancing with the Stars. And oh. my. gosh. I was NOT expecting it to be so cheesy! And this statement is coming from me, so let’s put it in it’s proper place…The structure! The judges! The dancing! The post dance interviews! I still am kind of in disbelief. In my humble, but always true opinion So You Think You Can Dance reigns supreme in the “reality dance show” category. But judge for yourself!

Exhibit A (Dancing starts at the 1:28 mark):

And now for Exhibit B:

 Both are waltzes. 🙂

Also, SYTYCD gives other cool routines like this one:

And this one!

But most of all, they showcase really unique dancers like this one:

Have an opinion? Sound off in the comments. Til then, I’ll be dancing in my heart. Which is really the only place you want me dancing. 🙂


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