Baking: The Adventure

So, today at work my amazing co-worker Staci sent out the meeting agenda for our Thursday meeting and included a phrase something to this effect: “Don’t forget that tomorrow is our monthly birthday celebration. Amy is hosting!”

I got the email. Read it a few times. Tried to remember if we’ve hired another Amy in the last few months. Then I had a vague recollection of volunteering to bring the snacks for the birthday celebration about three months ago. Whoops!

I made a mental note (though, truthfully, these are pretty worthless since I usually forget what I was supposed to remember)  to find something to make and stop by the store for ingredients.

After work, I went to water aerobics but instead of my normal teacher there was a sub. With the most annoying voice ever. Who wouldn’t stop talking about her personal life. Who, for roughly 30 minutes went on and on about how stupid Facebook is and why would anyone want to connect with people they used to know? Turns out she’s never had a Facebook account. Hey, lady. That’s what my Grandma used to say about email. Just because you’re really old and technology-resistant doesn’t mean that you should talk about something you know nothing about! Sheesh.

So, after biting my tongue for about 45 minutes of the class–my patience got more of a workout than my body–I left the gym feeling a little agitated and stopped by the store for my few ingredients, taking comfort in the fact that Emeril’s recipe would at least entitle me to an aggressive “BAM!” every now and then.

Let us stop for a moment and note that the directions on my recipe stated that the prep time and actual cooking time would be about 45 minutes. I started at 7:30. At 10:00 PM I pulled out the piping hot dessert from the oven.

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I cook/bake it takes me twice (or more) as long as the normal people who estimate these time lengths. I mean, really. I try to be an efficient person! Alas! Alack!

Maybe it’s that I’m too much of a perfectionist. Maybe it’s that I’m baking-retarded. Maybe I’m just not familiar enough with recipes to make a go of it. Who knows? All I know is that my dessert is made and my office will still like me tomorrow because I didn’t withhold sugar from them (treats are like currency in my office).

So, alls well that ends well. BAM!

The recipe is located here if you want to try it. I have no idea what it tastes like, but it smells delicious and it has fresh apples in it…so I’m sure it has very few calories. 🙂


One thought on “Baking: The Adventure

  1. Susan says:

    Oh, Aimers! That picture makes me drool!! I’m always looking for a good crumb topping recipe and the brown sugar glaze looks fabu, too!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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