And Then There Were (dramatic pause) Three

So last week I was like, oh. em. gosh. I can’t believe how totally tubular that intro trailer to the American Idol results show was! And then THIS week in my head I was like, ‘I bet you guys can’t do better than last week’, and those trailer guys TOTALLY were like, ‘oh yeah? watch us’. And so, like, I totally did and it was totally awesome!

Ahem. Let’s return now from the Valley and focus on the all-important question: Where does Randy FIND these SWEATERS? Seriously. Someone in his life is lying to him and telling him that this look is for him. The Dawg needs to find a new stylist.

Let’s do a little multiple choice question. Which performer is the weakest link?

A. Bon Jovi

B. Daughtry

C. Fantasia

I’m going to give you one guess. And her initials are Fantasia Barrino. Let me just state for the record that if Bon Jovi doesn’t perform “Livin’ on a Prayer” I’m going to live in the land of the bitterly disappointed for at LEAST 30 seconds.

It appears that tonight the magic of the move from top 4 to top 3 have the judges all in a frenzy. Simon, in similar fashion to a boy I knew in 3rd grade, lifted Kara’s arm above her head and tried to get her to pump her fist. I don’t know if this is made up “fighting” for the show or just generally creepy but one thing I do know…I’m not buying what they’re selling. So there.

Fantasia Barrino performs “Bittersweet”

Fantasia came on stage and rocked some hair that was very similar to the ski-cap hairstyle of Carol Brady. At the end of her performance, her hair fell and you couldn’t see her eyes at all. I found that kind of funny but maybe that’s just ’cause it was late. All her words kind of blurred together at the beginning and I only caught a few phrases here and there but THAT’S when I noticed her earrings. Oh my gosh, I love her earrings! Dear Fantasia sang her song and she did a fine job, but let’s just put it this way…I’ll buy her earrings before I buy her single. I’m just sayin’.

Also, a pet peeve I have is when people do a speaking section in songs. That’s just awkward. After she performed, she chatted with Ryan a bit and throughout the years I had forgotten how Disney princess-ish her voice was! Ah, the memories.

Hometown Visits Video

Just to really rub it in to the one person that was going to be going home, Ryan introduced a video montage of home visits from seasons past.

Make a note, people. A hero’s welcome includes a:

  • Parade
  • Mini-Concert
  • Visit to a local AT&T store

Waaaaait a second. What? A visit to a local AT&T store? One of these things is not like the other…Blatant cross-promote much? Sheesh. I bet the execs from Coca-Cola and iTunes were getting jealous.

Seeing these past Idol contestants on their hometown visits made me happy and perhaps the one I was most excited to see was…it’s not who you think…Elliot Yamin. He and his mom were so cute that season! In very close second place was David Archuleta. During this video I smiled, I laughed, I cried. (Yes, I know that’s kind of embarrassing. But people, these contestants DREAMS CAME TRUE! :))

Oh, what’s that Ryan? They’re going to an AT&T store? You don’t say. You’ve only mentioned it FOUR TIMES in the course of TWO MINUTES.

Round 1 – In which Lee wins the “Why Do You Want a Hometown Visit” question

Ryan took a moment to ask the contestants what they would most look forward to on a hometown visit:

Mike – Wants to see his puppy and…oh yeah, his family too.

Crystal – Wants to play a gig with her bass player. Of course she does.

Lee – Wants to say thanks to those who have been supportive and to have a conversation with his family without cameras. Awww.

Casey – Wants everything everyone else said (copycat! copycat!) and also to hear lots of people say y’all. I daresay that Ryan could have, at that point, turned to the audience and said “Can you all say ‘y’all’ for Casey?” and that requirement would have been fulfilled. But I’m not hatin’ on Casey. I want him in the top 3.

Speaking of family and friends…representatives from each contestant’s family/friends are all seated a little awkwardly up on the couches tonight. I think this may be an American Idol first. For the sake of the friends/family I kind of hope that it’s an American Idol last, too.

Our friend, Ryan takes special care to note that the results are in no particular order. We get it, Ryan. You’re trying to hide the fact that Crystal and Lee are front-runners to give that third person a fighting chance…

And just like that Casey is safe! Blow me down!!! I’m surprised, but there better not be any other surprises tonight. If Lee and Crystal don’t also crack the top 3 I’ll be TICKED!

Daughtry performs “September”

Since Daughtry’s ousting at this time in his season is a particular American Idol travesty that he’s been able to make into a successful career, I feel like he was an appropriate chose to perform tonight.  This wasn’t my favorite song of his, but still great and very inspirational to all the Idoloonies (especially the one that will be going home tonight). It did seem to go for a long time, though.

I did find it funny that Randy took his opportunity to speak after Daughtry’s performance to explain to the contestants what their dream is. Don’t they already know what their dream is?

Round 2 – In which my heart was in my throat

I can’t help it, Lee’s little sheepish smile makes ME smile when the girls in the audience scream for him. I personally think he’s got a shot at the confetti shower at the end of this thing, but we’ll see.

And…Lee is SAFE! YESSS! In response to the news, Lee tears up and is so cute and thankful. I just want to put him in my pocket.

I took this moment to look at Big Mike and I think as soon as Casey was safe, he knew he was going home. I highly doubt that Crystal will be chopped…

Bon Jovi performs “Superman Tonight”

Well, it’s not ‘Livin on a Prayer’. Let’s observe 30 seconds of bitter disappointment. Ready? Commence.

I thought the mix was kind of sucky…I couldn’t hear Bon Jovi until that second guy on stage started harmonizing. BTW, the second guy totally stole the performance and was way more into it than any other person on that stage. 

Is piano dude playing a keyboard AND an organ? If so, he’s got mad skills.

Round 3 – In which we bid good-bye to the double hand wave. Let’s never bring that back, k?

I think it would have been a little more dramatic if Ryan would have saved this round to be between Casey and Big Mike, don’t you? 

Good-bye stupid double hand wave. I can’t say I’m sorry to see you go. And I can tell you my Dad won’t be sorry, either. 🙂

Now. Does anyone have any fashion suggestions for Randy?

Haddock out!


2 thoughts on “And Then There Were (dramatic pause) Three

  1. Brandi says:

    Oh my goodness I am so glad the stupid waving is gone! LOL! It was very childish looking for someone so gigantic to do! LOL!

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