Songs of the Silver Screen

Hey there, cats and kittens! Whelp, here we are with only 5 shows left this season. Can you believe it? I kind of can…it feels like forever since we said goodbye to Lilly Scott, Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall and Alex Lambert–or maybe it just feels that way because I’m still a touch on the bitter side…Ahem.

Every time American Idol does the “Songs of the Cinema” theme, all I can think of is this scene from “Annie”:

If only the contestants would have taken a cue from this dear curly red-head. She has stage presence, energy, and can sing AND dance (note: She had no guitar. It can be done :)).

Side note: Did anyone notice that Kara looked like she was about to head into a board meeting? I mean, let’s not jump to conclusions, but maybe she had a job interview after the show?

To round out the show tonight each Idoloonie had an individual performance and also a duet. The duet pairings are as follows:

Crystal and Lee

Casey and Big Mike

More about this later, but let us just take a moment to hearken back to last year’s duets. I don’t care what the judges say, neither of the duets tonight touched either of these performances with a ten-foot pole.

Allison and Adam: “Slow Ride”

Kris and Danny: “Renegade”

Now, I could totally be wrong (contrary to popular belief, I haven’t watched every season of American Idol), but I think Jamie Foxx is the first returning mentor to grace the American Idol stage? I mean, Jamie’s cool enough for two X’s at the end of his name instead of the one that would suffice (F-O-X: name that movie!), but I was a little disappointed with this week’s, what can only loosely be termed, “mentoring”. C’mon now. These kids have made it to the top four of American Idol and all you’re going to give them is a stupid t-shirt?

But in the words of Mr. Foxx, music is the soundtrack of our life. Let us just hope that the following music doesn’t make it on the playlist…

Lee Dewyse – “Kiss From a Rose on a Grave” from Batman Forever

Oh, Lee. I had every hope that you would be able to pull this performance out but as my friend Todd stated accurately, this performance was flat in both ways. Maybe it was the cliché song choice. Maybe it was the fact that you were singing so fast that I felt a little assaulted. But whatever it was, it wasn’t great. I can, however, give you mad props for the ending which was pretty terrific. I think, though, that we’re going to need to see that kind of showmanship all the way through the song in the future, m’kay?

And in honor of the theme, I present to you a little video that I shot last night. I’m cleverly entitling it: “Todd’s Thoughts on Seal”. Also, the camera work isn’t, shall we say, stellar. So cross “camera person” off my list of possible jobs!

Michael “Big Mike” Lynche – “Will You Be There” from Free Willy

THANK GOODNESS we didn’t have to watch Big Mike do his stupid double hand wave to all his peeps this week. I mean, that’s just super annoying, right? It’s not just me?

What happened during Big Mike’s “interview” with Ryan before he performed reminded me a little bit of high school. Remember when your teacher would pose questions and you knew that he/she was looking for a particular answer but he/she called on a person who gave a perfectly fine answer but not the one he/she was looking for so he/she fished around until she got the “right” answer? (and with that confusing run-on sentence I think a little piece of my English teacher’s soul just died).

Yeah. That’s kinda how I felt about Ryan’s fishing for Big Mike to admit that he had made a high personal goal for himself at this time last year. World peace? Cure cancer?  Nope. Make the top 3 of American Idol. Hmm.

Big Mike’s performance was solid vocally, but I thought it started off in too low of a key for his voice. There also wasn’t a lot of meat to the arrangement of the song–he stuck in a bunch of the stylizing but not much of the actual song. I personally think that was a mistake.

I did have to laugh when Big Mike was given the opportunity to explain the movie “Free Willy” to Simon who had never seen it. C’mon, Simon. That’s a CLASSIC!

Crystal and Lee Duet – “Falling Slowly” from Once


Watching Crystal and Lee face each other and sing “Falling Slowly”Facing each other was super AWKWARD. [insert crickets chirping here]. This duet didn’t gel at all. I do not for the life of me know what is in those Coca-cola cups but apparently it’s some sort of a concoction that temporarily renders the drinker RIDICULOUS. Judges raved?

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a “musical crush”.  A whole new world has just been opened up to me. Thanks, Crystal!

Casey James – “Mrs. Robinson” from The Graduate

WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD CASEY PICK THIS SONG? Haven’t we talked through the Kara/Casey connection waaaaay too much for a lifetime, let alone a whole season? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Casey, apparently, decided that tonight was a good night for a nap instead of a vocal performance worthy of a top 3 finish. He looked super sleepy up on stage and didn’t really push himself at all! I did like the few modifications to the arrangement that he threw in halfway through, but c’mon Casey! Get your head in the game! I kind of think that he’s going to be going home tonight. It could very well be Big Mike, but I think Casey’s was the weakest performance of the evening.

Ellen definitely had the quote of the night jabbing fun at Casey playing a ukulele of some sort and telling him that she was glad that he finally got a “Big Boy Guitar”. Awesome.

Crystal Bowersox – “I’m Alright” from Caddy Shack

Okay, hands down Crystal’s was the best performance of the night. But her vocal was also predictable. I’m kind of getting bored with Crystal. All her performances are blending into each other. What else can I say? I am thankful that she chose not to have a debate with the judges after their critiques.

Big Mike and Casey James – “Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman” from Don Juan DeMarco

This, for me, was an interesting pairing…kind of like the difference of running your hand over velvet and running your hand over sandpaper. Weird, right? (Maybe it’s the cruel part of me, but I kind of wanted Crystal and Casey to do a duet just to see whose vibrato would win. Fight! Fight! Fight!)

Casey started off the song with closed eyes and I noticed him flinch when he didn’t quite reach the right pitch on one of his notes. Let’s keep it real, though, the dude can play the classical guitar! He was awesome in that respect.

Big Mike did a good job and I think that they were much better than the Lee/Crystal duet, but I also don’t think that’s saying too much. And that big note was off…and very noticable.

All in all kind of a flop of a night in the performance arena. But the good news is that we’re one week closer to having the winner crowned and the season over, right? If I had to predict, I’d say that the top three would be Crystal, Lee and Big Mike.  Do you agree?

Haddock out!


3 thoughts on “Songs of the Silver Screen

  1. Sarah says:

    I LOVED Lee & Crystal! I watched it three times 🙂 I thought they were way better than Mike & Casey. Funny.

    I would love to see Crystal or Lee win.

    Love your posts my friend!

  2. Brooke says:

    Me! Me! Me! Pick me! You’ve Got Mail! Do I get a piece of candy? Of course, I say it all the time since my BFF’s married name is F-O-X.

  3. Brooke says:

    I am shocked and horrified. I can not believe just how much I disagree with you on just the one point, because I’m right there with you on everything else. I LOVED Crystal and Lee’s duet. LOVED IT!!!!!! I thought it was the only redeeming thing of the entire night. Well, that and Casey’s amazing guitaring which was about all that salvaged that song. Did Big Mike not want to feel left out so he thought he would just hold a guitar?

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