Another One Bites the Proverbial Dust

Okay, even I have to say that the intro to last night’s show was pretty cool. I give major props to the trailer-making folks there at American Idol. So, the trailer set the stage and handed it off to the Idoloonies to perform yet another lip-synced medley. Someone should really sit these kids down and let them know that in the real world an audience expects a truly live performance. And if it has to be me, I’m willing to take one for the team.

I will say this – they almost had me believing that they weren’t lip syncing (and it’s possible that they weren’t) but two things tipped me off and (I think) gave them away:

#1 – Casey James and his over-the-top antics about a 1/3 of the way through

#2 – After having downloaded his song from Shania week, I know that Lee’s voice sounds less gritty in the studio than on stage.

BUSTED (I think)!

I’m bracing myself now for the reality that Harry Connick Jr. has ruined any mentor that will come after him. There’s just no way that anyone could do anything but pale in comparison. But when Ryan told us that next week’s theme is songs of the cinema and the contestants will be under the leadership of a one returning mentor, Jamie Foxx, I was pretty relieved. Jamie was a great mentor the last time around and hopefully it will lessen the blow of not having Harry around anymore. (unless, of course, he really is after Simon’s job!)

Behind the Scenes – Tuesday Nights Then and Now

One of the Idol-ites (was it Big Mike) complained about having to get up early and Aaron Kelly chimed in with how he had to get up at 7 AM. 7 AM is not that early, folks. My mother is a nurse and she sometimes gets up at the unholy hour of 3:30 AM. No human being should be awake at that time. Unless they are just heading to bed.

But the best part of this little video?? The stand-in judges. They have a sweet gig and they made me laugh. I think we should get to hear more from them!!

Otherwise, it was pretty clear that we were trying to fill up an hour time-slot that should really have only been half an hour.

After the video some dear audience member, bless their heart, uttered an “aww” when Ryan told us he was going to hand down the results. Classic Ryan, thinking on his feet, responded almost indignantly – “You act like there’s a twist here. We always do the results.” You told us, Ryan!

Round 1 –

In which we find how many times one person can say the words “you know” in thirty seconds

Lee, honey, I understand it’s a “look”, but the fact that your tie was super ginormous and untied was kind of distracting. But I gotta love your sweet little heart and the fact that you are your toughest critic.

– Amount of time I was concerned for Lee’s safety: 0

– Amount of times I wanted to tie Lee’s tie (even though I have no idea how to work the complexities of a tux tie): 4

– Amount of times Lee uttered the words “you know”: 11

Turns out, Lee is safe. Well, duh.

Lady Gaga Performs

Little known fact, this was actually recorded last week and wasn’t a live performance. They fooled you, didn’t they?

If an alien that looked like a human came to earth and infiltrated the music business, that would be Lady Gaga. I mean, her music is peppy and catchy and all of that, but she was dressed head to toe in basically a doily and for half the performance her black cape which I can only surmise was attacking her with the way she was whipping it around. Truly? I’m surprised that this was allowed to be on prime-time TV and on what is supposedly a “family show”. I’ll just leave it at that.

Harry Connick Jr. Interactions

This guy is a brilliant, brilliant man. And funny to boot!

Outtakes from the segment include gems like:

Said to Crystal: “You have something on your ear. It’s, like, a bird or something.”

Said to the Judges: “The word ‘pitchy’ does not exist, judges. We need to stop saying that. He’s singing out of tune. That’s how we say it. I gotta bone to pick with you judges about that stuff.”

Said to the camera during Crystal’s segment: “Glad I made that comment about the insulin pump. Awkward!”

And check out this verbal wit!

Harry Connick Jr.: “So you have to get off that note quicker…”

Aaron Kelly: “Which note?”

HCJ: “Okay, we’ll work on colors and shapes next. Whaddaya mean which note?!”

Harry Connick Jr. performs a song that almost put me to sleep and makes me consider if I want to go on living and also appears to be the longest song in the history of all music-dom

I don’t know what else I can say on the subject. After singing, HCJ introduced the Idols and waxed eloquent on how excited he was that they were going to sing lip-sync a medley of his songs. I was less than impressed and may have *cough* fast-forwarded this a bit.

When the Idoloonies were once again seated on the couches, I did notice that C. Bowersox had some sort of a boutonniere hanging off her earring. I don’t get that. Flower power, maybe?

Then, apparently, it was story-time with HCJ. He told us the story of when Harry met Frank. It kept my interest, but not enough to really write much more about it.                            

Round 2

In which Ryan takes a cue from Project Runway and asks Lee to throw one of his fellow contestants under the bus.

Ryan reverted to his old tactics and asked Crystal to “start a group” on the far side of the stage. I understood what he meant, but I don’t know if it can really be called creating a “group” if there are only 2 people in it. Back me up here, people.


Casey and Crystal

Big Mike and Aaron

It’s at this point in the show that Ryan turns to Lee and asks him to predict which two are the bottom two. Since there’s no way that Lee would touch that question with a 10-foot pole, we finally moved on to the results. (Ryan, when are you going to learn?)

YAY! Mike and Aaron are the bottom two!!!! YAY!

Round 3

In which Big Mike and A. Kelly decide to hug it out for, like, an hour and have a conversation all at the same time making the rest of us feel awkward.

Finally all has been revealed and high schooler Aaron is going home! I have to say, I think it’s the right call by America on this one but I’m pretty surprised that Aaron’s large fan base didn’t do enough to keep him in the running. I would much rather hear what Casey has to sing next week, though, so I was pleased with the results. I’m not sure what was said during the hug that enveloped teensy Aaron and made me concerned that he couldn’t breathe, but I’m pretty sure it could have been said at another time. In any case, America has spoken and the top four will be the top three at this time next week.

 I will eat a whole serving of lima beans if Lee and Crystal don’t make it to the top 3, but I think the Big Mike/Casey race is a little too close to call. If Casey can pull out another performance like “Don’t” and Big Mike continues to shoot himself in the foot with his arrogant statements, we might see Casey in the top 3. Personally, I think that Big Mike has had a more consistent vocal track, but I’d rather see Casey make it through.

Haddock out!


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