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Disclaimer: This recap may or may not be more snarky than usual because I’m feeling just a little bit fed up. I promise to try to be on the happy, happy love train next week, but with all the things going on in my life American Idol should be a bright spot in my week, not an excercise in how many times I can roll my eyes and sigh.

So, I was curious about the ratings of this season versus recent seasons past. After all, if I, one of the most loyal American Idol fans out there, is having trouble connecting with this current (mostly) undercooked batch of Idoloonies then what about greater America? Here’s what I found out via Entertainment Weekly: the show, while it’s ratings have dipped, is still a ratings juggernaut. Even if it steadily dipped a little bit every season, it would still be a huge ratings-getter for the next 5 years or so. In some ways, it makes me happy ’cause despite reading Who Moved My Cheese, I still like things I can count on not to change. In some ways, though, it made me a little wary because I want the execs at Idol to understand that WE. NEED. MORE. I hope they’re getting the message.

Enter now the “show trailer”, set to dramatic music and well-edited judge comments/facial expressions. I think what makes these things a little ridiculous is the contrast between the drama that the talented trailer-making team creates(seriously – those guys are the bomb) and the faux drama that we all actually feel. Backlash from Big Mike’s save was more like a small puppy dogs tail whapping against your leg than being rear-ended. Yes, judges, you allowed a contestant on a reality show to stay for another week. Ooooh. We’re all impressed.

Moving on to something less impressive than the “trailer’ was the group performance which was weird and completely fake. I do think it’s a fun game to play “Who’s the best lip-syncher?” (Hint: it’s not Crystal). The point scale is below:

5 points  per contestant whose mouth-moving is not exactly lined up with the actual song

3 points for the person that makes you stop and think that perhaps the number is NOT lip-synced (but rest assured, it is)

3 points per contestant that looks like they’d rather be anywhere but doing the choreography to the song

1 point per contestant that you notice is being super cheesy and over-the-top with their mouth movement or dancing

Add your own point values at will and play at home. 🙂

I’m going to pass right over the Ford video, because there’s nothing really to note there except: Ford is green! Yay!

Round 1 – The battle of the boots versus the sneakers

One note before we start: Casey James is TALL, especially next to anyone who isn’t Big Mike. This includes his two friends in the first group of three: Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia. I wasn’t really digging his half-straightened hair, but I will say that he can pull off cowboy boots better than Aaron, who was also wearing them tonight. When it was revealed that Andrew Garcia was going home, I felt a small twinge that Aaron Kelly will remain in the competition. However, I can completely see why Andrew is going home and he handled the news in a congenial manner that was somewhat opposed to Big Mike’s arrogance last week.

One question, though: What does Aaron Kelly have to do to be voted off???? I’ll give him a pair of suede shoes if he’d voluntarily leave next week.

Idol Gives Back Promo

After the break, Elliot Yamin and Kara Dioguardi were featured in a video that was shot of their visit to Africa. I thought it was a great video and so appropriate to finally turn our attention to something infinitely more important than the musical performances of the Idol contestants. Kara kind of annoyed me during the video, but I salute her for taking the time to go to Africa and that final shot of the small child running up and hugging her made me tear up. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a girl when it comes to stuff like that.

I miss Elliot!!!! Let’s bring him back!!! He can replace Aaron Kelly!!! Can’t get used to his new teeth, though. And if Usher isn’t cool enough to wear glasses indoors, then Elliot hasn’t arrived there either.

Brooke White/Justin Gaston Performance

Maybe I’m somewhere in the dark ages, but I feel like I need some explanation of what “If I Can Dream” is? I think it’s a web series? I heard rumblings of Alex Lambert being involved? I’m still in the dark, though. Anyone that can fill me in so I can retain my laziness?

Here’s what I got from their performance: Brooke looks waaaay older than she is. And Justin was kind of a singer/mumbler. The performance wasn’t incredible, but I thought Brooke sounded great on her own. The duet didn’t really come together cohesively in many places, though.

I miss Brooke, too! Let’s bring her back! Let’s have an all-star season! (don’t you think that would be AWESOME?)

Round 2 – The battle of…well…everyone else:

Apparently, Ryan was getting a little too predictable with groups of three so he had everyone else on stage for the second round of cuts.

Side note: “Zero to Hero” is from Hercules, Simon. Do you think with all the Disney-themed guest stars and mentors you might want to separate yourself from them a little bit? Unless, of course, they’re paying you.

I love that Ryan is still trying to make us believe that this season doesn’t suck. See, people? We had 34 million votes! We’re still da bomb dot com! Oh Ryan, if you wanted to lobby for the BFF slot that Andrew Garcia recently vacated and take Lee on a walk, there was no need to do it on national television. Plus, everyone knew what you were doing, so don’t even try to shock us. 

So, after sending several deserving people to safety (including Lee and Crystal), Tim,  Michael and Katie made up a fairly predictable bottom three. But of course, we had to wait and find out what the results were…

Let us just note that Adam had more signs waving in the audience than the current Idoloonies did. Ryan took this moment to note that Alicia Keys will be their mentor for next week and I have to say, that’s finally a step up on the rung of the mentor-ships ladder.

Adam Lambert’s Performance – In which we were taken aboard an alien ship?

I watched his whole performance because as much as Adam’s music is not always my personal taste, he is the consummate performer. I knew it would be interesting and possibly controversial, so I watched.

Cue smoke (of course) as Adam started his performance in…the cone of silence? It was, as I thought, a good performance though I think the sound guys should have projected Adam’s voice over the other things going on a little better.

I laughed when I saw that even his ear piece was bedazzled. Adam’s flamboyant self was a little angsty throughout, but there was the return of the Elvis hair, so there’s that. Boy, that keyboardist didn’t really have to work very hard. She wasn’t even using two hands.

Are you ready? I even miss Adam. I never thought I’d say that. Let’s bring him back, too…

Round 3 – The battle results

Ryan sent the young Urban Outfitter to safety and whittled the bottom three to a bottom two with the confusing statement that one person was going home and one wasn’t even in the bottom three. Does that mean that Aaron Kelly was? Those kinds of statements drive me CRAZY! Sheesh.

America has spoken and we heard the jingle-jangle of Katie and her accessories is gone. I’m sad for Crystal because she was clearly upset, but not really that Katie was voted off. I do have to be impressed that she held it together during her performance of “Let It Be”. It would be nigh to impossible for me to sing under those circumstances and she crumbled into tears once she was done.

Now, who’s on board with my All-Stars idea? Let’s start a petition or something.

Haddock out!


3 thoughts on “Results Show

  1. katie says:

    ame – here’s my question. have you really read “who moved my cheese?” or did you just say that for dramatic effect? just wondering. 🙂

    • amycoadventures says:

      Katie – I totally read WHO MOVED MY CHEESE. I had to read it for a class. One book I may have said that I read that I never have? Jane Eyre. Shame on me.

  2. Brooke Hamilton says:

    Amy, so happy that Katie is gone and a little sad that Andrew is even though I understand. I’ll sign your petition for All-Star Season, every other reality show has done it–you would think that they would have already came to this conclusion.
    Brooke DID look old–must be the HD. And did you ever see the Seinfeld when they switched out the shower heads for low-flow ones? I think that someone played a trick on Casey and the result was his hair.

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