And then there were 10

Fun fact: I got a new computer for my birthday. I love it. It’s super pretty and shiny and FAST. Did you guys know that it doesn’t take 10 minutes to connect to the internet?? I feel like it’s a whole new world (a new fantastic point of view). Here’s the thing, though. The computer has these really weird shortcuts. When I wrote last night’s recap, I opened about 7 new tabs in Internet Explorer, none of them intentionally. I also managed to add the draft of the blog post URL as a favorite. Twice. At certain points, the computer began to highlight a lot of my text and then when I tried to type normally, it deleted the other text. Thank goodness for the “undo” command which saved my blogging life last night. So, as you can see, there are certain electronical powers at work here. And they’re evil. (That reminds me of a Gilmore Girls quote when Rory says: “Sat and forever am at work here”. Name that scenario!) Ahem. Okay. Back to American Idol.

I love it when the American Idol production people get to stretch their wings and put together creative intro/trailers that make the show seem like an action/suspense movie instead of a reality show where people sing for votes. C’mon now, “Tonight another idol must fall”?? Dramatic much? But I think perhaps my favorite part of this intro was the end of it when Ryan tried to transition from tape to show and several people in the audience giggled. Yes, giggling people. It is kind of ridiculous. But you know I love it. 🙂

A few observations/questions during the group song:

1.  Why is Aaron Kelly wearing a girl shirt? Is that pink paisley I see?
2.  Why is Casey James wearing two black arm bands? And with a plaid shirt? Is that really rock and roll?
3.  So glad to see Aaron’s got his hair issues ironed out now. Which is not to say his hair was straightened because not being a stylist I’m not sure what goes on back there at the hair/makeup station.
4. Aren’t these people supposed to be trying to compete to perform on stage professionally? Live? Why are they lip-synching these group songs? It’s frustrating. Who do they think they are? Ashley Simpson?
5. I think I’d like to own Tim’s jacket and Didi’s boots. That’s all.

Okay, Ryan. How much more time are we going to spend pointing out that the person that goes home this week is a total loser and misses the tour by thismuch? Do you have to rub it in? The poor kids are already nervous enough, and the true fans are starting to get a little annoyed at your condescending tone. Enough already!

More about Big Mike’s little baby? What about Crystal’s kid? Or Andrew’s? Favoritism much?

Ryan – her name is not SHAVAUGH. It’s SHABAHN (these are phonetic spellings, people). Also, your tricky, tricky tricks in how you reveal the results drive me CRAZY sometimes!

Result #1: PAIGE IS IN THE BOTTOM THREE and SO IS TIM [insert glee-worthy choreographed dance here].

Ryan just revealed that Usher will be next week’s mentor. Okay. I guess that’s cool, but this is my confession: I don’t think Usher can sing on key and dance at the same time (sidenote: just opened my 4th Internet Explorer tab…accidentally, of course). Every performance I’ve seen so far seems to indicate this truth. I’m using empirical data here. Verrrry scientific.

Results #2: Ryan returns to his teeny tiny table for the courage to give the next set of results. And Didi better be safe (and next time, she needs to not talk back so much…she was a little belligerent tonight, right?). Phew, she’s safe. Hey, is Kara paying the lighting guy a hefty amount to start basking her in a soft glow suitable for a soap opera? Or maybe it’s just the light reflecting off the dress…not sure. KATIE IS IN THE BOTTOM THREE (and just as quickly sent back to safety. She probably got whiplash from that move, Ry-Ry). Boy, America and I are, like, totally on the same page.

Quote of the night: In response to Ryan’s question, “Kara said no guitar and Simon said [he] loved the guitar. Who do you listen to if you make it through?” Crystal replied: “Me.” Love. it.

Ryan just said that after the break we’re going to hear from Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas after the break. What is this, the Disney channel? And holy ear monitors, batman! They actually sound pretty good, but the screaming preteen voices kind of take a little dignity out of it, eh? Oh, there was never any dignity in it and I should stop downloading “Make a Wave” from iTunes? Okay.

Final Results: We can really only win here, but I think we all know I’d like to see Paige make her exit. Cue dramatic music…and PAIGE IS OUTTA HERE!!!! If the judges save her, I’m going to throw something at the screen. Phew. Simon just put me out of my misery. Buh-bye, Paige. See ya. And you better believe I’m not listening to her performance again.

Haddock out!


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