A hot steaming plate of results

Whelp, there we have it. Paige and Lacey dodged a major bullet…maybe more akin to dodging machine gun fire than a handgun…and Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban live on to warble another week. But there are four American Idol hopefuls that have catted their last caterwauling.

I have to say, I’m not surprised at anyone that left tonight, though it is a bit of a let down that Paige is still going strong. I think I would have rather seen Michelle grace the stage next week than Paige. But, since it’s not up to me (they rarely ask MY opinion), I’ll keep calm and carry on.

A few things worthy of note (see what I mean about the corniness??):

1.  Simon admitted that he was wrong. After watching the program from last night back, Simon admitted that one of the girls whose performance he (and the other judges) praised, was actually so bad that he had to turn it off without watching it through.  He declined to reveal the name of said contestant but my money is on Paige. Anyone else have a guess? And I have to say that any reporter worth their salt better ask him about it and get an answer for us at some point.

2. Danny Gokey took to the American Idol stage for the first time since he left last April. Oh dear. Granted, since country is not my favorite musical genre I was predisposed to not love the Gok-mister’s performance. But it wasn’t that good, anyway. True confession – I fast forwarded the majority of the song looking forward to hearing what he’s been up to in his little post-song chat with Ryan. And boy did he deliver! I’m fairly certain that he downed about 5 Redbulls before stepping on stage and all the nervous energy spewed forth over poor Ryan who was valiantly trying to keep the show on schedule. Watching Danny talk made me feel awkward and I actually said the words “Please, stop talking” to my television screen. I think we can just be happy that the obligatory visit is over.

3. Jermaine made us happy that he was booted. Seriously, dude! STOP TALKING. AND PLEASE STOP TOUTING THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A CHURCH SINGER (you’re giving us all a bad name). And before Jermaine and his onesie-loving self was allowed to sing his swan song…

4. Stage manager Debbie was heard. I honestly can’t believe that this happened! In all my years of watching American Idol, I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard Debbie’s voice trying to avert a disaster…and if so, it was not made into as big of a deal as it was last night. In any case, I found it refreshing that not everything is scripted…

Tonight we say so long to:

John Park – we can take heart that John is NOT sorry that he made the decision to pursue his dream.

Jermaine Sellers – good riddance to him and his little onesie, too.

Michelle Delamor – I think she was sent home a week too early, but if it wasn’t this week, it would have been the next.

Haeley Vaughn – I apparently wasn’t the only one confused by Haeley’s melodic choices.

And then there were 16. And we’ll see them all next week. Will Simon regain his grip on the English language? Will Kara eventually be sitting in Simon’s lap? Will Randy break out a percentage higher than 200%? Will Ellen find another adjective to replace the word “great”? Only time will tell!

Haddock, out!


One thought on “A hot steaming plate of results

  1. mom says:

    Ok, so I do disagree about Danny Gokey…..I liked it and even though he did seem hyper I was encouraged to see that he is dancin’ on…….
    It is a bummer when the church singers give you (not me, we all know if I was a church singer no one would come to church) a bad name…gotta’ send them packin’

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