Bah Humbug(ish)

It’s gone. Or really, to be more accurate, it never arrived.  It’s kind of like when you order a gift online and don’t spend your weight in silver dollars to get it quicker than standard shipping. 10-12 business days is a long time. But this is worse because it’s already BEEN 10-12 business days and I still don’t have it. My Christmas spirit has gone MIA.

I think it all started when the day after Thanksgiving passed me by and I didn’t pull out my boxes brimming with Christmas sparkle and cheer. A few more days went by and I honestly couldn’t muster the cheer-o-meter past a paltry “Christmas Apathy” level. I think I missed the window. I think there was a window and I completely let it collapse like a porthole to an alternate reality.

It’s not like I haven’t TRIED to get it back. After all, I’m not a total grinch!

  • I’ve applied the ELF-ish philosophy. After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Done that.
  • I’ve made the usual Christmas treats…spritz cookies and Christmas truffles. Nothing.
  • I’ve watched a made for TV Christmas movie per my roommate Liz’s suggestion.
  • I helped my department decorate for Christmas. This involved setting up a Christmas tree. Ooooh Tannenbaum. Nope.
  • I pulled out my Yankee Christmas candle. I’ve even burned it a few times.
  • I’ve been Christmas shopping. At a MALL. C’mon now! That’s hardcore Christmas.
  • The snow and cold is screaming wintery Christmas. That’s really only succeeded in making me more paranoid about driving on the roads.
  • I made a Pandora Christmas playlist. And I very nearly fell asleep at my desk.
  • I posted a few Christmas posts willing myself to believe them. Unfortunately, nothing happened.

Let’s face it…I’m practically a scrooge. Is there any coming back from this? At this point, I think it’s possibly too late. Maybe I’ll just skip Christmas this year. I mean, it didn’t work that great for the characters in John Grisham’s novel, but this is real life, people. I think I might be able to make it happen. Whaddya think? Is there hope? Or maybe some sort of vitamin I can take to restore this deficiency?


3 thoughts on “Bah Humbug(ish)

  1. Katrina says:

    I know what you mean–sometimes all that Yuletide expectation can leave us feeling curiously flat.

    Maybe you’re thinking about it too hard. Try making someone else’s Christmas merry by anonymously dropping off gifts or food to a family you know is having a difficult Christmas, and perhaps some of their Christmas spirit will rub off on you!

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