Observations from the Blue Recliner

Today I woke up and felt horrible so I stayed home from work. Here are a few observations from my sick bed recliner.

1.  Ice water is the most amazing beverage EVER.

2.  My coffee table isn’t really in the middle of the room like I thought it was.

3.  It takes considerably more effort to kill a spider when your nose is running and your throat is on fire. Maybe the spiders could give me a bye week or something?

4.  Fruity Pebbles make everything better. They have colorful, magical properties.

5.  Oprah’s gotten old. And why is DREW CAREY on The Price is Right?! What happened to Bob??

6.  I really need to vacuum.

7.  Texting is like a window into the outside world. I miss people but I’m thinking the feeling isn’t mutual…

8.  I’ll never take clear sinuses for granted again. I swear.

9.  Digital thermometers are the best invention of all time. I can read the numbers realllll clearly.

10.  I miss my mommy. Is that okay for a grown woman to say? Whelp, too late now.

I’m going to bed and will hope to see the light of day tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Observations from the Blue Recliner

  1. Dad says:


    Glad you got well and are now down in Texas with your sister! Hope you’re enjoying scarce purchases at the following stores: Garden Ridge, Marshall’s, … 🙂

    Seriously…I hope you’re enjoying your time off with your sister, brother in law and niece! Thanks for the pictures on Facebook (which I still have not logged on to, to review…not because I’m ungrateful, but because I RARELY log on to that animalistic gossip page of a Internet fad).

    I love you M! Have a terrrific day!

  2. hd says:

    Found this by mistake, was googling for a clip of Drew Carey being wheeled out in a recliner about a year ago.

    Where you been? Bob retired June 15th, 2007. He announced it on 10/31/06 and it was on the news quite a bit. They went through several auditions, such as John O’Hurley, Mario Lopez, Doug Davidson and George Hamilton, to a name a few. CBS called Carey twice and hired him without an audition. It was their idea. There’s a 50/50 split on Golden Road dot net for those who like him vs. those who don’t.

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