Gotta Love American Futbol

Whew! Well, right now I’m watching the kick off of the Colts vs. Titans Sunday night game. Gotta love that Peyton Manning. Also, I have to say that I’m really enjoying the fact that the Southwest Airlines commercials are poking fun at the ridiculous bag charges of all the other airlines. In fact, I think a convincing argument can be made that the best commercials happen during football games. Especially the Sports Center commericals. And anything with Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake has an excellent chance of being freakin’ phenomenal.

But all in all it’s been a great day on the football front. A couple reasons for that:

1.  Lots of close games, two of which went into overtime. And let me just take this opportunity to brag on my 5-0 Broncos that won one of those OT games! I feel I owe a big apology to Josh McDaniels, whom I unfairly judged on the whole Cutler/Orton debacle of 2009.

2.  In tribute to the old school Haddock ritual of watching football on Sunday afternoons, I made chocolate chip cookies. It used to be my “job” at home and I’m pretty sure that rekindling this magical combination is what helped the Broncos win. Also, the fact that it looks like this outside didn’t hurt matters. 🙂

Football season just makes my heart happy. I’m currently slugging out my fantasy football game with Todd’s team and can’t wait for Monday nights game to see if Mark Sanchez can pull in the points I need to stay undefeated in my league. I guess we’ll see, eh? There is one point of contention that I’d like to bring up to the Denver Broncos, though. Would it KILL you to draft a good looking QB? I mean seriously. Exhibit A and B below.

jay cutler 1

Jay Cutler – dashing, isn’t he?

kyle orton1

Kyle I-Need-A-Better-Haircut Orton

But, at the end of the day, I guess all that matters is that we win, right? Right.


3 thoughts on “Gotta Love American Futbol

  1. Liz Johnson says:

    Amy, we gotta work on your link to my site skills. You sent everyone to my front page, which has a pick of you and me. Cute and all, but not the seriously ugly outside that it really was, as depicted in this link: 🙂

    And I’m so with you on the cute QB situation. Would it hurt the Bronco organization as a whole? Maybe we should volunteer for the Orton makeover squad. We could only help.

  2. Susan says:

    There’s still one too many “http”s in the link to Liz’s site (at least the one in the body of the blog post – the one Liz included in her comment works just fine) 🙂 But, hey, you don’t need to be an HTML whiz for me to totally love reading your blog. You’re hilarious. I hope your team stays undefeated (well, both of them actually).

  3. Dad says:

    Hey M,

    What is that big hole in the middle of your blog post this week? Is it a picture that isn’t loading as a result of our company “Surf Control” or did you leave it in for some sort of subliminal message (…or just hit “Enter” too many times after the word phenominal for emphasis …I dunno)?

    On the QB looks thing…not a big deal…we had horses teeth Elway and won the Super Bowl…twice…with that look. I think Orton looks tough…like Jim Kelly…you know…the old Buffalo Bills QB…who’s now completely bald…but that’s what happens over time I guess! 🙂


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