This morning on the way to work I moved a piece of paper containing directions off of my dashboard and discovered that underneath my odometer, my beloved Saturn was trying to give me a message. The message was short, but sweet (just like me) and said “Change Oil”. Well. That was a pretty clear directive. And I wondered why my car had been dinging at me since yesterday.

I lost no time in calling the service center to make an appointment for today. Here’s how the call went.

Service Guy: “Hi, my name is blah blah (he kind of mumbled this part). How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, my name is Amy. I need to schedule an oil change.”

Service Guy: “Okay. Well, it looks like we’re all booked up for today. It’ll have to be tomorrow.” He proceeds to list all the available times.

Me: “Well, I’d really like to bring it in today. Is there no availability at all? I can be flexible on the time.”

Service Guy: “Oh. Well, would you like to bring it in in the morning or the afternoon? I have openings at 9, 10, 10:15, 10:45, 3:00, 3:30, 3:45…”

[Hmmm. No availability today, eh? I think someone’s being a bit lazy…]

Me: “I’ll bring it in at 3:45.”

Service Guy: “Sure. We have a semi-synthetic oil change with afdsl;jka afjk;asfj  jfasdfks;j dfawofeksa (this is what it sounded like to me) for $24.99. Do you want that?”

Me: “Um. I don’t know (the semi-synthetic thing was kind of throwing me off). If you put that in my car will it continue to run and will the “Change Oil” message turn off? That’s really all I need.”

Service Guy: [long pause] “Yes, ma’am. This is what most people get.”

Me: “Great! Let’s do that, then.”

You’ll be happy to know that the oil in my car did get changed but you probably won’t be surprised to learn that they “found” lots of things that could spiff up my car. Yeah, they saw me coming from a mile away.


4 thoughts on “Maintainance

  1. Becky says:

    I see we speak the same language. Or don’t speak it. It’s the same language I don’t speak when someone tries to explain how my computer works. I’ve never seen a written version before. Well done.

  2. redheadkate says:

    Hey you know your car maintenance issues also expand to the purchase of a car as well. For some strange reason…”yeah, I would like the blue one” isn’t the language they are looking for typically. (Even though I did end up with the blue one)

  3. Dad says:


    You need to step away from the word “thingy” when you talk to service guys. When you say “thingy”, it comes through the “service guy translator” as “here’s a sucker…I think I’ll try to sell her a “cab air filter” or somethin’.

    You and I both know, with the type of stuff you need to filter from being in your car, a dinky “cab air” filter is the least of your problems…I thinkin’ you need a “trash filter” on all 4 doors (especially the driver’s door) and on your trunk opening in order to strip the garbage out of your hand(s) before donning the sunglasses and putting on the seatbelt 🙂

    Just an FYI…Synthetic Oil only needs to be changed every 5000 miles…not 3000. It’s 40% more miles on the road and more time “NOT IN THE SHOP”. In other words, paying $24.99 for synthetic is the same as paying $14.99 for regular oil…over time/miles. This is good because it gives you more driving time between oil changes…so good call, M! BTW…Never hesitate calling stuff “thingys” around your dad. He thinks it’s cute and he would never take you to the cleaners on unnecessary expenses…you just have to put up with the teasing…which costs you nothing but dignity! 🙂


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