Wakey, wakey! :)

Why am I awake and blogging at this hour? It’s a perfectly valid question. I’ll tell you, but first let me just say that I am definitely a dog girl. This doesn’t mean that I’m fit for the circus (thought I do a nice trick of switching a rubberband from two fingers on my hand to the other two fingers that is pretty hard to figure out.)  I just really like dogs. Now, the really yippy ones aren’t necessarily my favorite, but as members of the “dog” family, they get a free pass.  Four of my good friends in my fair state have dogs that I really like. I’ve often thought of rescuing a wee pup from the pound and giving it a good, loving-yet-firm, home. But here’s the deal…it comes down to the fact that I’m not ready for the responsibility. After all, if I can’t take care of a blog, I certainly can’t take care of a dog. And I should also probably take care not to confuse the two.

Which brings me to the fact of why I’m awake. Or actually, it doesn’t connect at all but what do you expect at this hour? I should probably develop better sleeping habits, I know. But in my defense, I tried to go to bed at my normal hour. A few things delayed my shut-eye. Namely, three.

1.  My stomach. I went to bed, tossed and turned only to realize that my stomach was growling. So, I downed a few saltines, washed them down with a swig of water and had high hopes for my rest. But…

2.  My pillow situation had other ideas. I just bought a new pillow from Target. I think it’s an amazing pillow and instead of using the flat pillow and stacking a small throw pillow that I’ve been laying my head on, it’s only one pillow. That’s just more efficient! Problem being, we haven’t developed that cozy lay-my-head-down-and-go-right-to-sleep relationship yet. We’re still in the “get to know” phase. ‘Nough said.

3.  The spider. I think by now you all know me well enough to know how I feel about these creatures. After some more tossing and turning, I remembered that I needed to charge my cell phone and got up to find the cord and plug it into the wall socket. After fumbling around, too stubborn to turn on the light and wreck what little “sleepability” I had, I finally succumbed and flicked on the light. I spotted the cord right away and leaned down to pick up the end of it and was eye-level with a spider. Luckily for me, I’m kind of messy and had a shoe nearby. If I’d cleaned my room like I was supposed to last night, my shoes would have been a few yards away in my closet. Yards are like miles in spider killing measurements.

I grabbed said shoe and put it on my feet to give the stomp a little more gusto. But the creepy arachnid edged closer to the wall making it nearly impossible for me to crush him like the bug that he is. He headed for the space between the wall and my bed. I tossed off the shoe, dropped to my knees and made a few more attempts on his life. He got away and I could feel the panic rising…if I couldn’t kill this spider, I wasn’t sure what my options were but I can tell you that sleeping in my bed was not one of them. With a valient effort, I lunged forward and the spider met the underside of the shoe. Safe!

I have to say, though, that the day I find a spider in my bed is the day that I buy a bunk bed and sleep on the top level. I know they can get up that high, but all the spiders I’ve found in my room have been on the floor. I’m just sayin’. The top level of a bunk bed is not generally the safest place for my person, especially in the morning. Let’s just say my consciousness awakens fully at approximately 9:05 AM and leave it at that. So, needless to say I’m really holding onto that option as a last resort.

But now, this blog post has done it’s job (it’s better than warm milk or counting sheep!) and my eyes are sleepy. So, I’m going to go now and hope that you don’t feel used. After all, what are friends for if not to help other friends fall asleep post spider-trauma?

Sweet dreams! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wakey, wakey! :)

  1. Sarah Z says:

    Oh Aim! You are my favorite person because you write blogs posts like this one! I know I’m bad at advice now because of the whole bangs situation but the bunkbed idea = very bad. What will you do if the spider does decide to climb? Or you fall out? Not good 🙂
    Did you get one of those foam pillows? I got one from Target and I love it! We had no “get to know you” phase. It was instant bliss.

  2. Dad says:


    Subject: Connectivity

    Although you reviewed the connectivity between a dog and your blog…which really has no connectivity…

    You may want to review the connection between your 2:32am go to bed time, with the grogginess you experience in the morning (LSH Rule #1)…

    You may want to review the connection between having a dog who loves to kill spiders… with the ability to sleep soundly when you’re trying to do so…knowing Fido will protect you from these types of creatures and others…maybe a dog could be an option????

    As my eldest daughter aways says (even in this blog), “I’m just saying”…


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