Fun at the Office

So, today my boss took us to lunch which not only improved our department morale but also lead to a conversation about YouTube videos (as office lunches are wont to do). I’ve seen this one a few times and having enjoyed a few pedicures in my lifetime I thought it was HILARIOUS.

You know, I’ve never really caught on to the whole manicure thing. I mean, I’ve always (hypothetically) wanted long nails, so you’d think it would be a slam dunk. But in reality, it bugs me to have my nails clacking on things…the computer keyboard, the piano keys, etc. I remember growing up that we had these press on nails that I begged my friend to put on me. She did, and within 24 hours they were sad little debris in various trash cans along my daily path.

As kids, my sisters and I had a set of nails that were plastic fingernail tips. Those worked okay for our dress up occasions and were easy to get rid of after the fact…maybe a little TOO easy since we could rarely find more than 3 at a time. 

finger tips

But back to the video. For those of you that get your nails done, you’ll get what I mean. For those of you that don’t, it probably won’t seem as funny to you. But trust me, it is. You’ll have to take it on faith.


One thought on “Fun at the Office

  1. Dad says:

    Hey M,

    I didn’t see any link to the video on your BLOG for the You Tube manicure. I didn’t know if it was because you inherited my “I forgot to send the attachment with my email” gene, or if our company’s security system stripped it from the post so I couldn’t view it. Either way, I just wanted to let you know…


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