2 things that made me smile this morning…

…and you have to know that since morning and I are mortal enemies, that’s a feat!


My cute little niece, Karis, taking a bite out of her stroller.  I love this picture so much I put it as my desktop background yesterday…it makes me smile every time! I mean, c’mon. That’s committment. 🙂

kris allen

My wonderful parents went to the American Idols Live! Tour concert and sent me a signed Kris Allen photo to my work! It was the highlight of my day yesterday, though I have to say that I felt a little like a teenage girl. Oh, well. You’re as young as you feel, right? 🙂

Anyway, maybe one or both of these will make you smile, too and then my master plan will be complete (whaaa haa haaa).

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “2 things that made me smile this morning…

  1. Dad says:


    Morning…your mortal enemy? C’mon girl…surely you’ve outgrown that stance in your life! God has told you on several occasions that “early” is a good thing! …seek ME early while I may be found…you know!? You’ve actually helped your little sister with this issue…remember…”the cherry picker…”?

    Ya know what makes me smile early…knowing that I have you as my daughter! You make me smile, laugh, and think!


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