Hey there cats and kittens, it’s Amy coming to you from…well…the living room!

I’ve tried to keep my silence. Who wants yet another opinion on what’s going on in the world of American Idol? Not you, I was sure. But now it’s to the point where I feel like my readers that don’t watch the show or keep up with the EW blogs (What? Not everyone subscribes to them on Google Reader? Weird.) may need me to keep them updated on the goings on these days. (And, yes, I know that’s a stretch. :))

As always, I am your humble AI servant ready to dispense my infinite wisdom to the execs at Fox.

So, here’s the skinny. AI judge Paula Abdul’s contract came up this year.  There was much debate about that seeing as how this year, for the first time EVER, American Idol execs brought in a 4th judge, Kara Dioguardi. People, myself included,thought that Fox and 19 Entertainment might be trying to oust and replace “America’s Sweetheart” judge (aka Paula Abdul) with a 2.0 model. [Side note: Doesn’t this have ALL the makings for a totally different type of reality show? Mark Burnett should really get on this…I’m just saying.] Fox offered Kara a contract for next year and because she’s not a fool, she took it. She’s on board.

kara and paula

Kara on the left; Paula on the right. No, I’m not talkin’ politics.

The Paula talks continued. Paula made a statement that she wanted to be on the show for as long as the show was on the air. Fox claimed they wanted Paula and couldn’t imagine the show without her. Cue sappy music and slow motion running toward each other with arms outstretched…running and running and SCREECH.

There was a small wrench. I’m not really sure what happened because I’m not actually in the loop any more than an average person. But at the end of the long drawn out press release battle, Fox/19 Entertainment offered Miss Abdul a 30% raise that would have put her in the eight figures salary range (Oops! Sorry. I’m drooling a bit. That’s gross, please excuse my awful blog etiquette.) and she turned them down, declining to return.

Since that time, So You Think You Can Dance has been in talks to have her on as a guest judge, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars has indicated interest, and there’s a rumor floating out there that she might be looking to do a(nother) reality show. Apparently she’s done a reality show before, but I had no idea.

So, what do I think? I think it’ll be interesting to see how next season shapes up, but I can’t say that I’m heartbroken. Usually I cringed when it was her time to offer her thoughts to the contestants because she couldn’t spit her words out and often didn’t offer that much of value (though this year was a little different). I found myself being suprised if she had something interesting to say, which is probably not what you want people to say of you when you’re a judge. Sure, Rand-dawg doesn’t always offer up more than “It was just aight for me” or “You worked it OUT”, but at least he does quickly and I understand everything that he’s saying.

Is Kara an improvement on Paula? I don’t know. I think she had good things to say, but she’s a little more aggressive and she’s constantly standing, yelling, and pointing her finger at the singers, which also makes me feel a little uncomfortable. However, I did like a lot of her earrings, so there’s that.

Bottom line? Four judges is too many (even though there’s talk of Fox replacing Paula’s chair bringing the total judges up to four again. Sigh.). And even though our host Ry-Ry really needs to step up his game to get back to the former “zinger” glory, as long as he and Simon stick around I think we’re good.

ryan seacrest

What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Idol-ness

  1. Kelmo says:

    My thoughts… Paula is annoying. Kara is almost as annoying. I hope the dance shows use someone else as a guest judge – there are plenty of talented people out there that need a shot on a judging panel. And I agree, Kara made me uncomfortable with all the pointing, standing and hoot’n’holerin 🙂

  2. Dad says:


    Not sure how you can call yourself a “humble” AI servant and declare yourself to have “infinite wisdom” in one sentence, but after all, you’re the kid that asked Nana if she’d ever gone to college! [Picture a dundundah both parents gasp moment] 🙂

    Dad’s with you M…I think we’ll survive without Paula. Although I think she’s cute, and nice to the AI contestants…she really didn’t add any infinite wisdom. Perhaps it’s because she’s NOT “humble”, I dunno!?

    Keep us posted on your musings about AI, Your Humbleness!


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