ipod de back…

…at least that’s what I thought was written on my “to blog about” post-it note.  Turns out it was really “iPod Debacle”.  Sounds much more interesting, if not as cryptic, right? I thought so, too. 🙂

Let me set the stage.


I have in my possession a pink iPod nano that I received from Mom and Dad for my birthday this year. Their fabulous gift replaces the now-ancient-because-it’s-bigger-than-a-business-card iPod mini that I got years ago.  There are few thing that I enjoy more than music…I love all types of artists, genres and beats. Anything that makes me want to “car” dance (it’s all in the shoulder movement) or makes me want to cry pretty much ends up on the top of my play list. Within iTunes, I have a playlist for every month with new downloaded songs that I want to listen to non-stop along with anything that falls in the oldie-but-goodie bracket.

Coupled with this is the fact that when I totaled my car, I bought a new Saturn Ion that comes complete with what I like to call “the iPod hook-up”. It’s basically a hole that is the size of a headphone jack and I bought a chord that has a headphone jack on either end. I plug one into my iPod and one into my car and it fills the car with my music directly from my iPod. I’m one lucky girl. As a side benefit to the music, I also get to hear the sophisticated “click, click, click” of the iPod dial in surround sound as I scroll to my next song choice.

Said simply…I heart music. A lot. You can see how well my parents know me and why an iPod is a perfect gift. 

Which now brings us to the debacle part of our programming.  Above my CD slot in my car is a little opening. It looks like where they would have put a tapedeck in the past, but now tapedecks are less valuable than storage space. (Well played, Saturn!) I usually put my iPod in this little slot. It sticks there because I bought a case/skin for it that grips the smooth plastic.

I was listening to one my current favorite songs and pulling into the work parking lot. I went to turn off the iPod and unhook it from the car system when it sllliiipppped from my fingers into an open cup of water that I had in my cupholder. Noooooooooooooooo! I swear to you that that moment happened in slow motion. I can still feel the range of emotions that fluttered through my heart and dropped into my stomach. The feelings of loss, of guilt, of despair…

As quickly as I could (though it felt like it was eons in time), I snatched my dear iPod from the water’s cold grasp and dried it off. You can imagine my delight when I discovered that the water had barely made an impact. The case that I bought kept the water out! And while I had really bought the case for the color and design (it’s bright pink), it really came through for me in function that day and for that I’ll forever be grateful.

So, perhaps there wasn’t really a DEBACLE per SE. But aren’t you glad there wasn’t? 🙂


One thought on “ipod de back…

  1. Dad says:


    I have to say…I thought the ending was going to be a Christmas Gift Idea for us…for you. I’m glad it wasn’t…for your sake…otherwise you would be iPodless for many months. Based upon your swooning description of your love affair with it, it would have been like some of the soldier’s spouses feel when their loved ones are deployed.


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