Various Sundry Items…


Is it bad that so many events in my life remind me of a Gilmore Girls episode? I’m going to go with probably, yes, but go with me on this. There’s this Gilmore Girls episode where Lorelai (the Mom) and Rory (the Daughter) are separated and go without communicating for a length of time. When they are finally reunited, Lorelai pulls out a box of random scraps of paper with things scribbled on them and explains that every time she wanted to tell Rory something, she wrote it down. Problem being that many of her notes were written in shorthand and abbreviations that no longer made sense to her…ahem.  I digress.

So, for the last month and half or so, I’ve been carrying around in my wallet this random post-it with notes jotted down of all the things I want to write about on my blog. My wallet, you should know, is the home of many a random receipt, movie ticket stub and even a bobby pin or two. The post-it feels right at home, trust me. I’ve now been keeping this list so long that for many points, I’ve forgotten what story the word I wrote is supposed to trigger. On one item I almost couldn’t even read my own handwriting. And really, it should be noted that my print handwriting is extremely readable since high school when I had a friend that wrote in super small print writing and I decided to follow suit. (sorry, another rabbit trail.  let’s get back on track) Enough is enough. Down with the post-it system…up with frequent blogging. I’m a girl on a mission. But seeing as how there are more than eight topics on my post-it and I know many of you have lives outside of reading my blog (perish the thought! :)), I’m going to limit each of the following posts to one post per topic. Just for the record, the lengthy and verbose intro doesn’t count…

In hindsight, many of the topics I wanted to blog about are a little lame. But, I’m going to trust my original judgement and write about them anyway. Clearly, at one time they were very near and dear to my heart.


My friend Katie calls the library the lib. When I was younger, I used to call it the libERRY. Potato, potahto.

I think I owe my love of books to my parents. When I was young, to encouage my love toward the written word, they committed to buying half of all my books. If they hadn’t cut me off at the ripe old age of 16, they’d probably be in the poor house by now. I’m serious.

When the need arose (i.e. I’d already spent my allowance on something else), I would even “share” books with my sister, Lindsay. We would split our half and Mom and Dad would buy the other half. This resulted in a rather large collection of books that are neither completely mine, nor completely hers. A few minor skirmishes have been fought over the rights to said books. They now, for the most part, reside in the neutral territory of my parent’s house. The ones that we haven’t managed to sneak back with us after Christmas or Summer vacations at home, that is.

When I little, my Mom would take us to the library in our small town quite frequently. I remember a few things about the library…the movie section, the special reading room for kids, and a huge horsey out front that I always wanted to climb up on and pretend to ride.


This is a really small picture, but it’s all I could find. And don’t you think the horse looks fun to ride?

I loved the library back then. I couldn’t get enough of it! I even talked my librarian there into ordering in a series of books that I wanted to read.  It was best activity of the week, hands down (except for maybe the pool in the summertime). Since then, my view of the library has been more and more jaded, morphing into a den of torturous hours of study and research for school papers. Before this year, I cannot remember the last time I’ve entered a public library for the sole purpose of reading for fun. Plus, what is it with the Dewey decimal system? I don’t get it. It’s hard for me to find books in this system. Can’t we just go alphabetically, guys? It’d help me out I think. Besides, if we mixed genres and topics don’t you think it’d be interesting to see what books got placed next to each other? For example, Old Yeller next to a book about olive oil? Maybe that’s just me… 

You’ll be happy (or indifferent) to know that I’ve “made up” with the library. No longer do I blame this hallowed institution for simply being the tool that teachers used to inflict scholarly damage on my psyche. I know it’s not the library’s fault. Katie, being a veritable expert on the library (she actually took a test to be thoroughly acquainted with all of Dewey’s wacky ways), walked me through the basics. How to set up an account online, how to put a book on hold, how to find that book on the shelf, etc.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been reading a lot lately. I put a thousand million (otherwise known as 15) books on hold and almost immediately had more books than I knew what to do with. I’ve not yet built a relationship with my librarian, but I did have a pleasant exchange with her last time I was in and feel that we’ve made solid progress.


4 thoughts on “Various Sundry Items…

  1. Leslie says:

    Gah! I love the “place hold” & transfer system! Hooray for having the books I want magically brought to the branch of my preference. I currently have all the housekeeping/cooking/decorating/doing-laundry-properly books I could find. ‘Cause I’m a good wifey…

  2. Katie says:

    just to clarify so people don’t think i’m a weirdo – i had to take said dewey decimal test because i worked at a library. not for fun or anything…anyway, like i said in my IM – glad to be your libspiration!

  3. mom says:

    That picture brought back a bunch of memories!! Did I ever tell you that one of the reasons we went to the library so much was because I wanted to check the books out for myself!!

  4. Dad says:


    Had no idea that you were so marred by the library’s role in your scholarly pursuits!

    Having you not be exstatic about a relationship with an entity that is the purveyor of books just seems absurd, odd, un-natural,…well you get the idea!

    I’m glad you’ve rekindled this relationship! After all, there’s nothing like having your passion be your job and your recreation…and to think Katie thought we would think SHE was weird for being an expert on the Dewey Decimal system! 🙂



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