…my fate awaits. Or, to be more accurate, the fate of my hair awaits.

After a few weeks of searching magazines for hair-spiration, tomorrow I embark on a journey into the hallowed halls of Toni & Guy…the Academy. And while part of me is a little nervous to have a stylist-in-training cut and color my hair, the other part of me is over the moon to have it be an affordable price. After all, it’s like all those medical shows have taught us. There are teaching hospitals for young med personal to learn how to become rockin’ doctors. And, to be honest, I’d rather have a stylist-in-training than a doctor-in-training, right?

So, hopefully after tomorrow my hair color will be somewhere in the vicinity of this:


And my hair will look like a longer version of this:

leslie bibb 2

Here’s to taking the plunge and never looking back! Let’s all collectively cross our fingers and hope everything comes out okay. Pictures will be posted if the result of the haircut doesn’t force me to take up wearing wigs as a new hobby.



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