A Girl Has Her Limits

I’m confessing right now that I’m a cheater cheater pumpkin eater. There’s no cover-up here. I’m not going to lie. I totally fast forwarded the American Idol results show to the very end and just watched who was in the top two. Even after my diatribe about needing more information on the hometown visits. Even after I found out that Jordin Sparks was performing (who I really like).  A girl, after all, has her limits. I had to know. Right. Then.

But, true fan that I am, tonight at 10 PM I turned on the results show and watched it from top to bottom (well, I did fast forward the Alicia Keys portion. And after watching the Smithsonian intro, I kinda wished I fast forwarded that too). I predictably bawled my face off while watching the Danny and Kris hometown video recap. It’s like a Cinderella story…but with guys. And then, came the results (again). It’s no less exciting the second time.

[SPOILER ALERT] – If you still haven’t seen and don’t know who is in the top two of this show, I’m shocked. But, trying to be sensitive. But mostly, I’m just shocked.




kris allen

I’m soooooooooooooo excited. KRIS ALLEN ALL THE WAY! It can happen, right? Only 1 million votes seperating Adam from Kris and we don’t know which way it was going. If Kris gets some of Danny’s votes, we might be golden. A girl can hope, right?? Oh, please. Oh, please!

Ahem. In other news, tomorrow is Friday. And it’s been a long time coming, right? And do you know what I’m doing tomorrow? I’m going to work. But also, I’m going to a bridal shower. And you know what I’m doing on Saturday? I’m sleeping in, possibly going to a 80’s dance workout thing at the local YMCA, going to the Star Trek movie, and then having dinner and game night with a few friends. And on Sunday? I’m singing at church, manning (womanning?) a table at our church’s ministry fair and hopefully carving out a little journaling time. 

Busy weekend but I’ll make it through, doncha worry ’bout a thing. At some point, one would think that I’ll clean my room. We’ll see how it goes. In a struggle between sleep time and cleaning time, I’ll take sleep time every time.

Did I mention that I heart Kris Allen? Okay, ‘nough said. Good night everyone!


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