Three Times the Charm

First of all, can I just say that Ryan was in top form tonight? It’s been weeks since we’ve seen him deviate from his carefully scripted Idol intros and tonight he seemed a lot looser and more like the host that was worthy of my “best host ever” trophy. If there was a trophy, that is. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? He’s really rich. He doesn’t really need a trophy. He could probably buy a million trophies. Ahem.


I’m going to be honest. I found it really hard to watch this week objectively. American Idol has worked its magic and I am now rooting for my favorite to the cost of everyone else. I’m metaphorically (because I doubt they’d let me on stage) elbowing two contestants out of the way and am embarrassingly fan-like about Kris Allen. Now granted, I’m not dumb. I think his first performance was the weakest of that set, but I LOVED his rendition of Heartless. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Because there are so many freaking people in America that watch this show, Ry-Ry announces that they have three numbers for each contestant. Good to know. A few thoughts at the top of the show:

  • In the results show last week, they made a HUGE deal of who the top three were, for obvious reasons, but also because they would be the lucky winners of a hometown visit. I think I remember in seasons of yore that there was at least some sort of excerpt of this so-called visit so that we could see what happened, how all the screaming masses adored them, how all the mayors gave them the keys to the city, and basically give Idol an unnecessary ego massage that ,yes, there are lots of people that watch the show.  But it’s also heartwarming (I confess, I teared up a bit during Elliot Yamin’s visit home when his mom was riding in the parade car with him and was crying her face off).  So, naturally, I was looking forward to the videos. The recap, if you will. But what I got was a short clip of each member of our trio just finding out what song the judge(s) gave them. Weren’t we about to find that out anyway when they took the stage? Boo. Maybe they’ll do a longer recap on tomorrow night’s show?
  • With four judges, don’t you think that they should have done “judges pick” last week? Hey, I’m not that good at math, but that just makes good sense. I’d like to know what Kara or Randy would have picked independent of each other. I feel like this is where the judges really show their stripes and if they can contribute to the solution rather than just tear down people’s *coughDanny’scough* dancing and singing. Maybe that’s just me.
  • It’s kind of getting annoying to me that Simon/other judges keep calling it a “singing competition”. It’s more than that and they darn well know it. Rant over.

Danny Gokey

“Dance Little Sister” 

I gotta admit it, Danny really rallied this week. (did you catch that alliteration? :)) The first song I’d never heard of, but Paula was right that it showcased his range, tone of his voice, and allowed him something to dig into.  For the first time in a few weeks, I felt like he showed energy on stage and was engaged with the audience.  He’s not a dancer. I get it. But I didn’t think the performance was hard to watch. It didn’t give me dumb chills. In fact, I was so taken with the vocals, that I really just enjoyed the entire song. Props to the Dan-mister for pulling one out!

“You Are So Beautiful (to Me)”

I am? Oh, thanks Danny! That’s nice of you…oh. It’s the song you chose. Got it. Danny pulled a page out of Kris’ book with this number. The arrangement, the changes, they were extremely well thought out and I thought it was his best performance of the season (or at least in the top two).  It really was amazing. He’s right…he’s done all he can at this point. And while I’ve liked Danny from the beginning, I don’t really think his performances have been as strong as the other two contestants throughout the season.  But tonight? He did a darn good job.

Kris Allen (insert whoop here)


When I heard that Randy and Kara chose this song for him, I was excited. I like the song and he had to perform it better than whats-his-name from OneRepublic who continually goes flat when you hear him in person (and by that I mean on TV).  I thought he’d change it up, ala KA style, but he sang it pretty straight. I thought it was a good performance, but I thought he’d do more and I was a little disappointed. I mean, he really needed to homerun it here so that he didn’t give any room for the judges to give him bad reviews. However, I was right. He did perform it better (pitch-wise) than the OneRepublic dude. Point, Kris Allen.


Aha! Now here’s the Kris that I know and love to pieces. And pieces. I really loved the stripped down version of this song and was impressed with how he kept the performance full of oomph with literally no one to back him up. It was the story of a boy and his guitar. And it had a happy ending. It is because of this (and really just the fact that I know this race for the top two is going to be tiiiiight) that I commandeered Todd and Noelle’s phone and for the first time ALLL season I voted. And I really believe my few votes is going to tip the scale here. 🙂

Adam “Glambert” Lambert


Simon summering in the Hampton’s with Bono? Ryan kills me. So funny.

Simon and Adam? American Idol is sending us a message, folks. They want Adam to be the next American Idol. And like I’ve been saying all season long (really, it’s documented. IN WRITING.) he’s the most talented from the bunch, vocally. He’s boldly performed where no American Idol performer has gone before (do you like that? just a little shout out to the Star Trek movie which I’m anxiously waiting to see this weekend with Liz).  He’s gone from ballads to rock to disco and come out unscathed. He has an enormous range (and an enormous tongue) and he’s not shy in warming up those pipes and singing loud and proud.

All that being said, this was the first performance where I felt like he was a little pitchy? Is that just me? I don’t think so. All in all a very solid performance, though. And the judges gave him his well-deserved kudos. But, denim on denim, Adam? I’ve come to expect better from you.


I’m kind of running out of things to say here. The performance was really really good. Stellar. It just isn’t my style. I counted at least 3 open-mouth-widen-tongue-screamy type notes and I don’t dig them. At all. Ew. But the guy has talent. And he shows it every week. If he wins the whole enchilada, I can take comfort in the fact that America really votes based on talent.

So, my thoughts about who will make the top two. I have no freaking idea. It could be any one of them and it’s going to be a close race (unless last week when they gave the results in no particular order it was because someone was clearly ahead and they didn’t want to reveal it).  I think Adam deserves to be there and I’d like to see Kris make it there, too. But Gokey’s fans are dedicated and worked their little fingers to the bone dialing this season.  He could very easily make it to the top two, just because as far as I know, he’s never been in the bottom two. I think Kris deserves it more than Danny…he’s been more inventive and has grown so much…but whichever one makes it to the top two I think the other person’s fan base will follow which makes the finale even more of a toss-up. I’m excited and a little nervous to see where it will end up.

Biting my finger nails until tomorrow night’s results show…Haddock out!


One thought on “Three Times the Charm

  1. Susan says:

    I don’t even watch the show and I’m biting my nails along with you 🙂 I love your recaps and hope you do something similar with the Star Trek movie (okay, I know: 1) most people don’t like spoilers and 2) commenting on the wardrobe of Star Trek will get awfully boring). Enjoy the show!

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