Fab Five!

This episode of American Idol kind of reminded me of when I was a little girl and my mom would get me ready for church.  Often times she would french braid my hair (Hey! It really was cool at one point. I think…) but before we got to that stage she’d BRUSH and brush and sometimes have to use Johnson & Johnson’s “No More Tangles”…oh WAIT. That was getting rats out of my hair. Rat Pack is something totally different. Though, if you’ve ever seen any pictures of Frank or Dean, their hair does look suspiciously tangle free. Maybe that’s how the era of music got started? Ahem. Enough is enough and it’s time for a segue out of my brain and into the mother ship that is American Idol.

This show certainly was a razzle dazzle one.  With the Rat Pack era as the theme, was there any doubt that this would be a stellar evening? I certainly didn’t have any doubts. Ry-Ry opened the show and sagely told us that one of these five contestants would win. Maybe he has an “in” with a psychic or something ’cause THAT was a spoiler. But thissss (pause for dramatic effect) is AmerIcan IDOL! He then reminded us that we had four guides that would help us make the choosing easier and introduced us to them again. It’s here that I must interject my thoughts on a few of the judges apparel.

1.  In order to keep the Rand-mister cool, calm and collected DESPITE the fact that being around Paula and Simon are enough to drive anyone bonkers, I think his life coach is instructing him in the fine art of beading. That’s right. The multi-colored strands adorning his neck and wrists are just enough to let us know that he’s “worked it out” and isn’t going to blow it “out the box”.

2.  I’m not sure where Paula was heading after the show, but I’d bet good money that it was a prom circa 1982.

The contestants didn’t know who the mentor was going to be, and Kris Allen reminded us all that all the members of the Rat Pack era were, in a word, dead. Matt was tickling the ivories with the rest standing around jammin’ when Jamie Foxx walked through the double doors. Oh, goodie! This is going to be fun. He totally had me at “gangsta”.

Kris Allen

“Just the Way You Look Tonight”

Kris. My main man (only for American Idol purposes). He keeps getting better and better and USA Today apparently agrees with me. I also read an article saying that Adam vs. Kris was the new Adam vs. Danny. And fushia is the new black, guys. Just to keep you up to date on the haps. In any case, his version of the song retained all the things I love about it and that made it a classic while kickin’ it up a little Kris Allen style. The runs were well played and the last note was a nice one. The judges all gave him good reviews except for Simon, who I’m fairly certain was sucking on a lemon the whole show because he seemed a bit more angsty in his snarkiness this week as compared to his other weeks. In any case, I predict that our adorable Kris will remain another week. And if he doesn’t, he can always collaborate with Jamie Foxx.

Allison Iraheta

“Someone to Watch Over Me”

Oh. My. Gosh. I love this song! I’ve oft remarked that if I ever tried out for American Idol, which I never will because I’m too old, definitely more of a choir than a soloist type girl, AND because there’s no way I could dance on stage in 7 inch heels, I would use this song. I love it. Oh, wait, I think I mentioned that. 🙂 Another reason why Allison Iraheta is in my personal top two. She showed the softer side (of Sears) of her voice and showed amazing control throughout. I loved her version because it was totally true to the song AND true to herself. She didn’t get lost in the genre. Plus, she had Oksana Bauil type feathery looking stuff all over her skirt and I dug it. Once again Simon-the-sour-puss was smoking something and gave her a bad review. I was so glad, though, that Kara and Randy got the last word. Hopefully she’ll escape elimination tomorrow night. She really doesn’t deserve to go home.

Commercial break…can’t wait for Glee. Can’t wait for Glee. Can’t wait for Glee. Oh, we’re back.

Matt Giraud

“My Funny Valentine”

Jamie Foxx cracks me up. He had Matty change the key to a lower one and de-run-ify a note or two and demonstrated for us the standing ovation. It’s always good to have an example for us visual learners. I thought Matt would own this week…seems like the perfect niche for his voice. But, this was my least favorite performance of the night. I thought the beginning was maybe a little low for him and though he rallied as he got into his higher range, he did have some pitch problems. Simon, in keeping with the evening, gave him more kudos than the previous two. Sheesh, Simon.

Danny Gokey

“Come Rain or Come Shine”

Jamie got right up in Danny’s grill. The results? Magic. Danny from Hollywood week was back. I loved his performance more than I have loved any of his in a long time. The ending of that song was amazing, a little bluesy, gritty and well…patented Danny. Plus, channeling Regis with his tie choice, he was looking the part of the crooner. He earned his spot in the top 4 with this performance. I guess our heart to heart last week did him some good.

Adam Lambert

“Feelin’ Good”

The Idol community at large has taken to referring this finalist as “Glambert” and really, nothing is more fitting wouldn’t ya say? Channeling Regis with his entire suit, Glambert made a dramatic and flashy entrance down the stairs thereby stealing Ry-Ry’s thunder and turning the American Idol universe on it’s head. Or something less dramatic. 🙂 But a rockin’ song wouldn’t be the same without seeing his full tongue during a long note ala an 80’s hair band performer. There was one pitchy note in his performance. The first I’ve heard ALL SEASON LONG. The guy is a machine. The long note? Amazing. I can’t even talk that long without taking a breath. Kudos to the Glambert. I do take Randy’s point, though, that it was a bit “Broadway”. I don’t think that’s going to discount him. He should be around next week and I’ll be shocked if he isn’t in the top two.

We’re really getting down to it, aren’t we? In a matter of a little more than a month we’ll have a newly crowned American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance will take over the time slot once again. Sigh. Truly, ’tis the mark that summer approacheth.

All things being equal, I think I’ll be okay if Matt leaves tomorrow night. If he doesn’t, I’ll most likely shed tears over Allison’s departure ’cause it doesn’t look like the Adam-Kris-Danny trio is looking at a departure this week. So, if voting is your thing, you should vote for her. I’d vote but my cell phone has yet to make contact with the phenomenon that is the American Idol call bank. I still say we should be able to vote online.

Hoping for my signed photo of one of the fab five until next time…Haddock out!


2 thoughts on “Fab Five!

  1. Linda Haddock says:

    Totally Agree!!! I would have to say I loved Danny the best last night, probably…Can’t let go of Kris, though…..
    How come I always get mentioned in your blog?

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