I’m so excited…

…and I just can’t hide it.  The opposite of hiding? Blogging. 🙂

  • First things first.  EW.com just released the American Idol power rankings.  See their thoughts (which happen to be pretty in line with my thoughts except I’d put Allison at third place) and vote for your favorite here: http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/04/kris-allen-idol.html?xid=rss-popwatch-%27American+Idol%27+Power+List%3A+We%27re+down+to+five+–+now+vote+for+your+fave%21
  • You’ll NEVER believe what happened to me today. No seriously. You won’t believe it. My friend Erin recently posted about her endeavors to win things on www.thebrightsideproject.com.  Always being one to look on the bright side of things, I was intrigued.  After reading her post, I went to the site and answered the question of the day “If you could quit your job and do anything else, what would it be an why?” * My answer was: “I would quit my job and become a not-for-profit florist and deliver flower arrangements to my friends, family and people at random.  I love fresh flowers and their power to brighten any person’s day and/or event. I mean really…what tops getting flowers at the office?? Nothing (except maybe getting chocolate).” Erin commented on my blog today to let me know that I HAD WON! I haven’t won anything in a LOONG time. Except, remember when I won this? Good times, good times. I chose these as my prize. 🙂
  • I went into Target this weekend for bandaids and new seat covers for my car and came out with the following: a pink duffle bag, some bathroom hand soap, new nail polish called “Powerhouse” (yes I am, thank you), bandaids, a car seat cover (when I meant to buy two. oops.), AND new shampoo and conditioner. Once again, the Target snowball effect got the better of me. I gotta start shopping at Wal-Mart exclusively…Anyhoosits, I bought the new shampoo and conditioner based on the name, the packaging, AND the promise of what it can do for my hair. The name of it is “Root Awakening”. C’mon, now, that’s just good marketing! It’s a John Freida product, which I’ve had good success with in the past and I do definately feel a little lift at the roots of my hair today. I’m sure of it.
  • I went to “17 Again” this weekend with Liz, Katie and Stephanie. I REALLY enjoyed it and it had some funny moments. Half the greatness of the movie was the knowledge that it would follow regular Disney guidelines and provide a heart-warming ending to my liking. I’m nothing if not a cheesy sap. But seriously. If you’re looking for a movie, look no further!
  • The NFL draft happened this weekend. Despite my conscious effort to follow along, I found myself completely lost in translation. It’s so math-y and complicated for someone who doesn’t follow college ball (like myself).  Therefore, henceforth I have made the somewhat keepable resolution to start following a college team this season in ADDITION to the Broncos so I can be more excited about the draft next year. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments.
  • Today I ate at Subway to show my support for the loveable Chuck.  The Subway I ate at didn’t even have a blessed comment card let alone a comment box. I should have stuck with my lunch from home. 😦 On the upside, I did get to have a lovely lunch with two co-workers. On the downside, Chuck may still go down in flames as I’m fairly certain that his fate rested in my hands.

*BTW, I’m never quitting my job, so you guys can forget about getting free floral arrangments.


3 thoughts on “I’m so excited…

  1. Sam Neylan says:

    hahahhaah… that target trip… I have SO been there.
    Well, no pink duffle bags, but definitely things I hadn’t intended.
    great post …all topics, I just have no time to comment as i’d like 🙂
    peace o

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