Seven Still Standing

The judges and their all-powerful “judges save” kept Matt Giraud from certain death elimination last week and I have to say that I’m glad he was around this week, keeping our contestants at the magic number seven. I really enjoyed this week’s show more than the past 3 weeks or so and while it is in large part because of the amazing stylings of Adam, Allison, Anoop, Danny, Kris, Lil, and Matt and their OBVIOUS talent, it’s ALSO because I watched the show with my friend, Noelle. Let’s face it, American Idol is a group sport.

Lil Rounds

So during Lil’s performance I was upstairs reading a bedtime story to sweet little William, but let’s just say there were no tears lost that I missed her song.  I have literally no desire to even watch the DVR’d performance (not EVEN for the recap purposes), though I did like her hair and hoop earrings. AHH!!! Lil is turning me into Paula! Must move on before I start only barely opening my mouth to speak.

Kris Allen

I. Heart. Him. He’s definitely one of my top two favorites and his version of “She Works Hard For The Money” makes me want to take up the bongo drum just to be near the talent.  Super stoked on his arrangement of the song, especially the percussion only section, right? Of course, one must ask why he consistently opens his mouth sideways when he sings? Oh, well. All I have to say is, may the “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” type performances be long gone in the review mirror. Long live the reign of Kris.

Danny Gokey

Welcome back, Danny!! I’ve missed your energy and fun side a lot these last few weeks. Being honest, I don’t really think you deserved the fact that you’ve never been in the bottom three, ’cause wee little Allison has been outsingin’ you, right buddy? I mean, let’s keep it real. But this week, friend to friend, I’m proud of you. “September” may well be your turning point for the better.  I’m looking forward to next week…don’t let me down, k?

Allison Iraheta

Allison was clearly channeling her inner medieval diva with the chain-mail-like outfit she was wearing. And really? It can’t be easy to breathe in that leather OR walk in those heels, both of which are kinda important to the performance…so major props to the Iraheta.  I thought the chorus kinda lost the hook and something wasn’t as gripping as her normal performances, but all in all she’s definitely a contenda’. Love this girl. I just downloaded her version of “Alone” and can’t get enough of it. Rock on! (insert head bang here)

Matt Giraud

Gotta love this guy’s jaunty spirit. The hat? The song choice? I thought he did a bang up job on his performance and kind of appreciated him breaking out of his judge-ordained “bluesy” style to show that he had the chops to do something a little different. He’s not my favorite, but I look forward to his performances each week. I hope he sticks around a little bit longer.

Adam Lambert

Adam, Adam. I feel like I say the same thing every week…can’t fault his vocal talent. He’s truly gifted and in some ways heads and shoulders above the other competition at this point. This week, though, the emotion seemed a little forced and act-y and I found the song boring. I’ve been wrong before and I’ll probably be wrong again, but as far as Adam’s performances go this was definitely my second least favorite (’cause who could forget his Indian Vibe “Ring Of Fire”?).  I don’t think he’s going anywhere this week, though, and major props to him for his vocal control.

Anoop Desai

Oh, ‘Noop-dawg. One word: Yikes! Not knowing what Lil’s performance was like (which I’m sure wasn’t good), this for me was the worst performance of the night. The pitch went alternately flat and sharp in many places and the energy was just LACKING! I think our little ‘Noop might have had the optimism bottom three’d out of him at this point the competition. I’m pretty sure we’ll be saying good-bye to him tomorrow night.

My dream top five? Well, I’ll tell you since you asked, but I’m guessing it’s pretty clear:

  • Kris
  • Allison
  • Danny
  • Matt
  • Adam

With any luck (fingers crossed) we’ll be bidding adieu (to you and you and you) to Lil and Anoop.

BTW, I’m really excited to try “Glee”. It kind of feels like an upscale TV version of High School Musical. Sign me up!

Trying to shake off the Paula persona until next week…Haddock, out!


4 thoughts on “Seven Still Standing

  1. Sam Neylan says:

    Best line of the post, you ask?
    “I think our little ‘Noop might have had the optimism bottom three’d out of him at this point the competition”
    thanx for making a verb out of being voted the bottom three.

  2. Erin says:

    I agree with you on all accounts. Your top five is my top five. I’ve been itching for Lil to leave for weeks. Forget potential, I’d like good singing now please. Also – I am so glad you said Paula hardly opens her mouth to speak…I hadn’t placed that THAT is what’s weird about her speaking (besides the words). Awesome. Thanks.

  3. Erin says:

    Amy! You won the Brightside Project question! Just like that! Go to the website and click on winners – you have to contact them to claim it. Woo hoo!

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