What’s April like in CO? I’ll snow you.

So. I took today off of work as a random sleep in, get things done, watch t.v. and read day. So far it’s going well (thank you for asking).  Today also happens to be the day that wonderful wild Colorado showed it’s…well…wild and wonderful side and gave us a nice little April shower-a snow shower, that is. Here are a few pictures from the early afternoon.



Then my roommate Liz came home from work early since our offices closed at 2:00 today (the only perk of late snow storms) and we tag teamed shoveling our driveway and sidewalks. It was quite fun since the sun was out and everything was slush-i-fied and there was a small river running through our gutter.  A few snowballs may or may not have slipped out of my hands in Liz’s general direction. Ahem.


Didn’t we do a good job? We’re pretty sure that our other roommate Leslie will be proud of us. The snow was wet and pack-able and sooo perfect for a snow man building, so not being ones to squander such an opportunity, Liz and I got to work crafting this awesome snowman. It’s totally a girl as is evidenced by the flowing skirt at the base.  That wasn’t planned, but we went with it.


I was in charge of “face design”.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Eyes: Chocolate goldfish. Our snow woman is going to be America’s next top model, because she smiles with her eyes. Tyra says that’s important.
  • Nose: I went classic and retro and used a baby carrot.
  • Mouth: Twizzler. I used a very precise method to determine the proportion of mouth size to head. I mean there were protractors involved…and by that I mean that I eye-balled it and chewed off a portion until it looked okay. I’m efficient that way – afternoon fun AND a snack all rolled into one. Because you’re never fully dressed without a smile. 🙂

2 thoughts on “What’s April like in CO? I’ll snow you.

  1. mom says:

    I am so excited about my google reader because now I will be able to keep up with your blog so much!!! Love you way too much, MOM

  2. Katie says:

    great work with the shoveling. and the snow woman – the skirt does make it totally obvious…if you added a headband she would have looked just like london from antm – she smiles with her eyes you know – the first person EVER to have smiling eyes allllll the time.

    loved the annie reference but now that song is in my head. hey hobo man, hey dapper dan…

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