Seventh Heaven

As a complete side note, I’ve taken to reliving my childhood on the Hallmark channel with DVR’d episodes of 7th Heaven. Is the acting bad? Yes. But is it still the warm feel-good feeling of my youth? Heck, yes!

Ryan starts the show off with the usual dramatic flair, showcasing his amazing walk-down-the-stairs-with-enough-lights-flashing-to-start-a-seizure-and-also-blind-me-in-the-process ability.  He lingers at the bottom of said stairs to “welcome” Ricky Minor and the band to the main stage wings and and make a snide comment about Ricky’s suit. Ry-Ry…I can’t believe you would stoop that low. The guy has considerable talent and not a lot of face time. Must you call him out on national television? 

The “one and only” judges (aren’t there four??) are introduced and I feel a little bit of unresolved angst given the WAY too long show of last week. And while AI put their best foot forward with Simon trying to throw us off of the trail with a somewhat scripted “fight” about it being the girls’ fault that the show ran over, I’m not in a forgiving mood. It’s not funny, Simon. But, the show must go on despite my feelings on the fact that Idol feels free to delve into another show’s timeslot…

The theme of the week – Songs of the Cinema – yay! And the return of a mentor segment with Quentin Tarentino serving as the Idol’s guide…wait, really? What gives Quentin Tarentino the right to critique the music with no background in the music industry? Oh, I see. It’s his passion for music makes his movies distinct. I was wondering how they were going to justify that. I admit upfront to not being a Tarentino movie watcher or a fan of any kind. Feel free to throw tomatos as you will.

Allison Iraheta

“Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

She definately gets the cutest outfit award. I’m rooting for her to make the top three, but this is not my favorite performance of hers…the song is too overplayed and she didn’t change it enough for me to be excited about it. I think it was a little slow for her, but she had a few small pitch problems. But, finally the judges are on the A-train and she receives rave reviews from paula and simon called her “the girl’s only hope”.  Way to go, Simon for letting go of your top three prediction of Danny, Adam and Lil to say that she could go all the way.

Anoop Desai

“Everything I Do”

Despite the fact that I actually own and have played the piano music for this song, I was all set to hate it. But I loved it! Quentin-the-Mentor tried to insert some “sandpaper” into Anoop’s normal smooth R&B style (love that Noop-ster laughed while trying to do it on the video) but in the end Anoop stuck with what he does best and sounded fantastic. Randy and Kara gave him favorable reviews. I could see Simon was seething not to offer his sage wisdom and counsel into Noop-dawg’s life off to the side.

Adam  Lambert

“Born to Be Wild”

Okay, here we go. I’m on board for the Adam-ride.  His performance was replete with spot on vocals and energy.  I really could have done without the back up singers, I don’t think they added anything but I just can’t get over how effortless his performances are.  It looks like he had such fun. Paula called him brave and daring (I agree).  Simon attempted humor, telling him to express himself more. Funny, Simon.

Matt Giraud

“Love a Woman”

Bryan Adams is, like, so popular tonight!  There really weren’t very many songs in the lineup tonight that I could instantly identify the movie with the music and I was kind of bummed about that, but I’m equally glad not to have had to sit through “My Heart Will Go On” or “Reflections”.  I totally dig how Matt uses his falsetto – what a fabulous ending. He completely rocked the keys AND the outfit. All in all, I liked the performance, but at one point, I’m not sure if it was him or the background vocalists, but something was off. We’re getting down to it, though and almost half the idols will be in the bottom three tonight. My guess is that unfortunately, he’ll be one.

Danny Gokey

“Endless Love”

Gok-mister sans glasses sat down with Ry-Ry and told us all that he was doing his part to stimulate the downturning economy American Idol style – by buying a guitar because he was bored…oops! changed his story…not bored, inSPIRED. He had a rocky beginning and the song felt a little slow and boring. It had some nice moments once he got going, but didn’t own it like he has other songs…aaand, I don’t know that the harp helped him out. Simon was disappointed that it was a traditional version of the song and I have to say I agree.

Kris Allen

“Falling Slowly”

I guess this is a pretty song. I’d never heard it before tonight. The song didn’t have a lot of contrast…it was basically same notes over and over and I think it might have been a little low for him. As soon as it started it felt like it was over. I’m missing the guy that sang “Ain’t No Sunshine”. But here we are and Ryan keeps us running to avoid that time overage.

Oh my word, Lil is taking on “The Rose” after the break. Heaven help us all!

Lil Rounds

“The Rose”

Nope. Not buying what she’s selling. It doesn’t feel like she knows what dynamics are. There’s loud and louder. Oh, and there’s pitchy. Let’s not forget that. Ew. I really disliked it. Simon tells it like it is, as usual, saying that there are no excuses at this point and calling her “not the artist we met 7-8 weeks ago”. Lil fights back but once again Idol cannot stay on time and my DVR cuts off at 1:01. Gotta change the setting on that. Sheesh.

With any luck, she’ll go home this week. She’s had her time and I think it’s over now.

All things being fair, I think that Adam, Allison, Anoop and Kris (based on previous performances) should be safe. I really think that Lil and Danny earned a spot in the bottom three and Matt will join them. Though, it could easily be Anoop or Allison there since they’ve been there before and seem to have fewer followers than the rest.  I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see!

Catching up with Eric and Annie Camden until next week’s episode…Haddock, out!


3 thoughts on “Seventh Heaven

  1. Jennene M says:

    ok, my response
    -I agree with the above comment… rent the movie ‘Once’ and you will be in love with the song that what’s his name did (and i don’t buy him singing anything 😦 … Kris, that’s his name. I love the movie, the song, the original songwriters/singers … ”no thanx Kris. but you’re sweet and you support Invisible Children…so, I appreciate you.’
    -Amy, Tarantino has the street cred… he’s like the dark and eery version of Wes Anderson genius. If you don’t know his films then you wouldn’t get his ‘guest’ status. Like Wes Anderson, he knows every note of music that he intends to use in his films… the guy is an absolute genius. In fact, i think he gave some of the more useful feedback than most of the other judges.
    -totally agree with you about being stoked we didn’t have to endure ‘My life WIll Go On’ hahahah… that made me laugh out loud!
    -And, I’m totally stumped about why people dig Matt … other than being the PERFECT face for an Outsiders remake, they guy has not nailed one song, top to bottom, yet. I like his boyish charm, but seriously, each week i have that ‘cringe…is he gonna be able to hit that note’ feeling.
    -I sense you’re angry with Simon. Please forgive him. he’s the best part of the show. If he wasn’t there, would you watch?
    -i can’t believe I had this much to say about AI … or that i took the time to write it… I guess I just wanted to show my appreciation for your weekly efforts… I love them.

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