eight, eight…(a few are) worth the wait

I guess I should have known that the American Idol conglomerate would seize this opportunity to show baby pictures of our fearless judges (and Ry-Ry). While the whole thing was scripted and cheesy, I did laugh out loud at Simon’s picture. That was pretty awesome.

This week’s theme is not my favorite. Let’s just get that out of the way right now.  I personally think that American Idol takes this week as an opportunity to call all (or most) of the American people old. Also, there were really only two stand out performances as far as I could tell and most everything else was just blah to me.

Danny Gokey

 “Stand By Me”

Can I just say that it’s really sadthat Danny is the OLDEST contestant on this show? His performance was pretty good. I thought he handled it well and I liked the things he changed up. I didn’t love the beginning of the song, but parts of it were good. To borrow a phrase from the Rand-dawg “It was just aight for me”.  I’ll be needing a little more from the Gok-man next week for him to remain in my good graces.

Kris Allen

“All She Wants to Do Is Dance”

Oh my gosh, his kid picture is so awesome. Someone put this guy on a remake of the hit show “Taxi”.  Who made the decision to have him surrounded by the clapping masses? Give the guy a little room to move around and…I don’t know…breathe? I like Kris Allen. Last week’s performance was off the charts awesome. This was a good solid performance, but not his best. I do love him with the guitar though. It’s a good look for him. Also, has anyone noticed that his wife looks like Rachel McAdams? Hey, Simon? “Indulgent” is sooo Hollywood week.

Lil Rounds

“What’s Love Got to Do With It”

You heard it here first, people. Lil as in Lily. Holy shoes batman. I honestly do not know how those shoes got secured on her feet. Those look like some high maintenance items of footwear.

This arrangement was too slow and she doesn’t have the stage presence that I love about Adam. Although if I were wearing those shoes, I suppose I’d stay a few steps away from center stage, too. All I want to know is, why is she always yelling at us? Okay, so that’s not ALL I want to know, but you know what I mean.

 I do think it’s funny that the judges keep telling her “You need to show us who you are” but what they really mean by that is that they are going to tell her who she is. Quite humorous, no?

Anoop Desai

“True Colors”

Anoop took his interview time to do a little damage control for his “excuse me?” comment to Kara. I don’t even remember that from last week. There must have been some sort of hubub about it in the media to warrant such an “apology” and clarification of what his character is like. I don’t know…was his comment mean? Was it not? Was he just exercising his right to be ” ‘orrible ” back to the judges as they were to him? I don’t really care, honestly. I’m so over it.

Aw, little Noopster. I guess those eyebrows grew as he did. Check it out, his parents knew he would be great. What a surprise for parents to feel that way about their only child. 🙂 Love that “true color” green sweater he’s sporting. This is a great song, but he’s kinda making it boring. Fairly good vocal, but a little boring. Nice ending, though. Love Kara’s earrings…I just noticed those and would like to have them for my very own.

Scott MacIntyre

“The Search Is Over”

Hmmm…not so sure about that. It seems like Scott was reaching a bit. His brother should be his personal stylist…now, HE always looks good. Your punk side, Scott? Really? That’s your story? Hate to break it to you, Scotty, but punk is a whole different type of sound. Trust me on this. I actually really agree with Simon. Star quality? Not so much.  You know what would be great? If Scott went Goth. Just for one week. Don’t worry. He probably wouldn’t look much different from his previous weeks. 😉

Allison Iraheta

“I Can’t Make You Love Me”

This is the first vocal of the evening that I really liked. I just love her voice. Her low range is so awesome and the raspy quality is amazing. She really did “sing her face off”. Finally some rave comments! I’ve been waiting and waiting. Took them long enough to catch up with me! And did you notice? Not one word about her outfit. A good sign to be sure! Hope she stays out of the bottom three this week! Fingers crossed.

Matt Giraud

“Part-time Lover”

There should be a law forbidding parents to show old school play video footage. Yes, I’m talking to you Mom and Dad.

Wow! I’m impressed. This guy is good. I think he’s kinda like Jason Mraz without the ad libbing ability. I mean who doesn’t like a good scatting opportunity? Seriously. We must be running out of time due to that terrific detour at the beginning of the show and that’s why we’re doing “popcorn” judging. Great job, Matt! I’m pulling for you.

Adam Lambert

Bummer! My DVR cut it off. Why can’t American Idol play by the same rules as other shows? They all have to live within THEIR one hour time limit. Sheesh. I guess I’ll have to wait to see Adam until tomorrow night’s show. But if I know Adam (and I’d like to think I do), it’ll probably be flashy and well performed.

Well, not much to really comment on. My favorites of the night are probably fairly obvious (Allison and Matt).  I think it’s time for Lil or Scott to go home. I’d be fine with either, or even Anoop.

Whelp, sitting in a 3 hour meeting at work this afternoon did not do much for my brain power, so I’m signing off. Catchin’ ZZZs ’til next week…Haddock, out!


2 thoughts on “eight, eight…(a few are) worth the wait

  1. Sam Neylan says:

    I actually kind of watched it, whilst reading your recap…scrolling ever so carefully. 🙂

    pink haired girl. she’s my vote.

    and my dvr cut off adam as well… clicking over to youtube…

  2. Dad says:

    Hey M!

    Thanks again for the recap!

    I don’t think anyone named Anoop should have that name on an Album cover…HE’s GOTTA GO!

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