The Nine are alive…with the sound of music

Can I just say that it’s my opinion that Ryan is trying too hard this season? I think he overthinks the “thisssssss is American Idol.”

This week was full of highs and lows and I disagreed with the judges more than I agreed with them. Not even Simon was the lone bastian of truth in several cases. What is the world coming to?? (or something slightly less dramatic :))


I honestly don’t know if it was the eyebrows or the dog tags, but I was not feeling Anoop’s version of “Caught Up”.  I mean, he sounded good, but there was a major disconnect between HIM and the SONG. And really, isn’t being a performer about connecting with the song and therefore connecting with the audience? Um, yes. I think so. After the judges critique was not his most eloquent moment…”Their opinions are their opinions.” Oh, really? Good then. Glad you cleared that up for me.

Megan Joy the Quirky

You know what this girl needs? More necklaces, that’s what.  I really wanted Megan to do well tonight, and I think she’s been unfairly judged the past few weeks on her performances (well, I didn’t see LAST weeks, but the week before that at least).  She’s cool, funky, hip and jive (all things I look for in my friends, too…), and I thought a Lauryn Hill type song would do her some good. Instead, the song didn’t really go anywhere, and it was way too low and didn’t have a lot of range of notes.  I will really be surprised if she isn’t in the bottom three this week. I think it’s time…

Danny Boy

Oh, Danny boy I long to hear you…sing better than tonight’s version of Rascal Flatt’s “What Hurts the Most”.  I love him. You all KNOW I love him, but the entire thing was pitchy.  I couldn’t tell if the pitch problem was because he was pushing it too hard or if it was fighting emotion. It had it’s great moments, but I think the rave reviews that the judges gave him were a little under deserved.  All that said, if it saves him through to next week, all the better. Either way, I’m still rooting for him, but he wasn’t the best of the night for me. Plus, what was he trying to prove with that outfit? Seriously.

Allison the Awesome

Allison is really good. Really, really good. I love the way she sang the song and made it all her all the way.  Also, a little confession. If I could get away with dying or highlighting my hair pink, I totally would. So that part of me loves that she rocks her unnatural red hair each week.  The judges were totally tripping OUT. She was one of the best of the night. It’s not her fault that the stylist gave her a funkalicious outfit. Quit talking about it and talk about the SINGING part of the show. Sheesh.

Scott “The Keys” MacIntyre

Okay, it’s been time for him to be in the bottom three for several weeks running. But this week, I think he earned his spot on the “safety couch”. The song was beautifully done and he sang it really well. It pains me to admit it, because he’s not my favorite in the competition, but there were several that performed worse than him tonight. I will not, however, be subscribing to his mullet-inspired look. No way, no how.

Matt “Fewer Teeth Than Me”

Matty, Matty, Matty. What are you DOING to me? I like you to pieces and The Fray was totally the right choice for you (I don’t care what the judges say).  It made me feel awkward that he was standing and playing keyboard. That could totally just be me. It wasn’t his best. And I’m sad about it. I hope he’s not in the bottom three, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he were. 😦


Why does Lil wear formal dresses every week? And why did she get amazing reviews for a mediocre version of this song? I have no clue. I like her as a person, and I think she does have a powerful voice, but this performance was a little painful for me. She hasn’t done anything for me to like her yet. None of her performances have been stand out for me, yet the judges continue to say that she’ll be in the top three. I don’t get it. I hope she’s in the bottom three. I think it’s time for her to go. That kid of hers, though? That moment with Randy was totally precious.

Adam the Professional

Seriously. Who IS this guy? He’s so crazy. Tonight’s performance was pretty phenomenal. Every time he steps on the stage, he owns it. And his vocals are always spot on. I could do without some of his mannerisms and facial expressions, but he really killed it tonight. He’s growing on me, but it’s hard for me to get past his Indian performance.  I’m working on it. I liked the performance, the song, the stage presence. He did a great job and was definitely the best of the night vocally.

Kris “Gotta Love Him” Allen

I love this guy. I liked his performance the best tonight. He’s original, heart-felt and cute as a bug in a rug.  Awesome arrangement, right?? I kind of wonder if he meant to have his stool up that high and have his feet dangle, but if anyone tries to say anything bad about this guy, I’ll beat them up. He’s steadily climbing in this competition and if he stays “in the zone”, he’ll be a top contenda’.  Mark my words.

Well, that’s it for tonight! We’ll see what America decides tomorrow night, you can count on that. And with my newly-not-blacked-out-channels, I’m back in business to watch it in style.

Downloading Kris’ song until next week…Haddock, out!


4 thoughts on “The Nine are alive…with the sound of music

  1. Niki Spangler says:

    Ah, how I look forward to your AI rundown each week! I agree with you mostly, wish we could have a long face-to-face and discuss every little moment!

  2. Erin says:

    So, (a little late cause we didn’t watch either show till last night) I agree with most of what you said. Anoop was dull, I thought. I’m kinda over him. I really liked Megan – all but the Motown week. That one was terrible. She is extreeeeemly quirky though. I wasn’t thrilled with Danny’s performance, I also thought it was pitchy. But since the judges and Tim both loved it, I thought I must be worng. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought that. I heart Alison. I don’t know why she keeps ending up on the bottom – or why what they wear even matters. Scott did great this week – this is the only week I’ve thought that. But now I think he totally looks like Joey McIntire from NKOTB. I like Matt. I even liked his misguided Coldplay attempt. I hope he stays around for a long time. As for Lil, I don’t see what the judges see. She bores me to tears almost every time. And she can be really nasally. I LOVE Adam. How one can screech so on pitch is beyond me. I think he’s got skills beyond anyone else though, which may be a bit unfair for this competition. And Kris. He’s adorable. Weird mouth, but adorable. I thought his song was fantastic, Tim rewound it and we listened again. That’s all. Plus, I still like Ryan, but I think he’s getting a little mean sometimes. Maybe the power is going to his head.

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