The heat is on…and apparently it has an Indian vibe, too

A few things before we recap. 

  • I’m addicted to yogurt. Especially strawberry and peach flavored yogurt.
  • I have the BEST co-workers ever.  They surprised me with an early birthday lunch and shocked my socks off. We went to the Chinese place across from work and the sweet people that work there gave me a birthday present. Was a good or bad? I’ll let you be the judge.

100_14241  BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! 100_1425

The green stuff was rather stringy and freeze dried-y. I think it was green tea flavored, but to be honest, I wasn’t going to stick around long enough to find out. They also randomly brought out some packaged bread. It was fresh from the fridge and hard as a rock. Thanks guys! (insert cheesy smile here)

Okay, back to business. Tonight’s show…man. There are no words. Well, there ARE words, obviously. But I don’t really know which ones to use. I guess I’ll just say that I think we have some major talent this year and the competition is hot! I could really see so many different combos of people in the finals.  It’s anyone’s game (for the most part). I could, however, do without the Grand Ole week (’cause country’s not my favorite genre). Anywhoo…


We started the show with sweet Michael. He works on an oil rig, doncha know. Believe me, I know the dedication required to memorize EVERY word in a fast song. We’re like twins on that front. You know how we’re NOT twins? Well, I don’t work on an oil rig, for one. Secondly, I don’t really like that song…or country music. I think he’ll be in the bottom 4 this week. He’s a nice guy, but nice will only take you so far.


Man, I really like her. She was SO good tonight, and I love the sound of her voice. Also, she totally gets the best outfit of the night award. I think it also showed that she can sing different types of songs, which we all know can make or break a contestant, right? Right.


I fully expected KA to come out stummin’ that guitar. But instead he risked not using it to show his vocals, and I gotta say, he’s got ’em. I mean, we all have vocal chords and whatnot, but this guy can sing! And also, he loves his wife. What could you NOT love about that?


So, my friend told me at lunch today that Lil is not just a street name designed to make her record label ready. She was named for her grandmother Lily and Lil is the actual name on her birth certificate! Well, color me surprised. Also, Simon, it’s not Lit’le, it’s LIL. C’mon now, get your head in the game! I don’t really like Lil. She can sing, sure, but I don’t think there’s anything that special about her. I kind of think she might be in the bottom 4 tonight, but I don’t think she’ll go home quite yet.


Whoooeeee! Where do I even begin? First of all, putting Randy Travis with Adam Lambert? Now that’s just good TV.  But I’m sorry, but that whole performance and the version of the song he performed was a hot mess (pun always intended).  I watched through my hands for most of it and was thoroughly icked-out. Ew. NO, you MAY NOT ever do something like that again. The only positive thing I have to say is that he stayed on pitch and hit the notes. But seriously? SERIOUSLY? No.


Oh, dear Scott. Dear, dear Scott. I actually thought he did a pretty good job tonight. And NO ONE (least of all me) is doubting his mad skills on the piano. But I just don’t know if he’s up to the same standard as most of his fellow contestants. I just think his time might be nearing an end. I think he’ll be in the bottom 4 also.


I had high hopes for Alexis. For one thing, she managed to wear an outfit that covered her nicely, so that was a step up from last week. Also, I like her voice and I thought the song she chose was a good one for her. But, she didn’t quite pull it off.  She tried hard, but couldn’t quiiiite make it to the level of performance that she needed to be at. I’m not sure how safe she is, though, and I think she’ll round out our bottom 4.


I betcha didn’t know that he came to American Idol from the future, right? I have to admit, I’m curious as to what those many pockets on his jacket held. Maybe some chapstick? A pitch pipe? A killer performance??? While I agree with the judges that the beginning was a little rough, it was A-MAZING for the remainder of the song. I got goose bumps and fell in love with his voice alllll over again. Plus, I gotta say, I hope he stays around just so I can count how many pairs of glasses he owns.


Wow, talk about your comeback kid! Anoop “eyebrows” Desai really came back with a bang this week. I thought his song was really top notch and I think he earned his place into safedom.  I finally remembered why I liked him in the first place. Besides, of course, his phenomenal nickname.

Megan Joy

Dress choice aside (because that illness was clearly messing with her mental capabililities in choosing her outfit), I would have never known that she was sick. I thought she choose a great song and am starting to think that she’ll stay in this a little longer than we all thought (me included).  I think she’ll get the pity vote and her regular votes and be safe this week. I guess we’ll see.


Good job, Matty. And while I’m convinced that you don’t have as many teeth as I do, you’ve got way better singing skills.  Mad props to this guy’s piano skills and while I don’t really think he outsang Danny, I’m looking forward to hearing him next week.

So, there you have it. My hope? I really would like to see Lil or Michael go this week, but their fate rests in America’s hands.

Still trying to erase Adam’s performance from my mind…Haddock, out!


4 thoughts on “The heat is on…and apparently it has an Indian vibe, too

  1. Niki Spangler says:

    oh, I wish we could have watched together! I agreed with almost all your assesments, but I do like Lil. I also got the goosebumps from the Gokey, and came back to the Anoop fan club. What a fun show.

  2. Susan says:

    Ditto on what Dad said. And once again, I love your recap even though I don’t watch the show 🙂 (who needs to when you’ve got the Haddock overview to look forward to!!)

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